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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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UMW Style: transitions into spring and inspiration from Kpop and 90s

UMW Style: transitions into spring and inspiration from Kpop and 90s


Diana Mahmoodi, Junior

“Kpop, also known as Korean pop music, inspires this outfit and other outfits I wear, and since I’m a college student I want to be comfortable but also not look like a bum. I think the way you dress shows the kind of person you are, and I tend to dress friendly so that I look approachable.”

Ana Leino, Junior

“I chose this outfit because I really like the shirt. I call it my grandpa vacation shirt. In general I like outfits that are comfortable. I typically wear oversized men’s shirts. I like the 90s, 80s, 70s and stealing clothes from my mom’s closet as well as buying from Goodwill. I think my clothes show that I’m (hopefully) aware of how to dress and I know what’s in style.”

Katie Lamb, Freshman

Not all of the things you dislike about yourself are flaws. Some of them are better embraced. I want to show people the most honest version of myself, even if that version has an annoying history of being attracted to brooding men. And trust me, it is really annoying, but so are small talk and conversation starters. Wearing this, I don’t have to think of either. Most people just avoid eye contact, which is fine by me. The ones who get it are the ones I’d rather be around anyways.”

Purity Muthaa, Junior

“I’m from Uganda, where it’s normal to wear dungarees, also known as overalls. When I came here I was like ‘where are all the overalls?’ I lived in Uganda for four years, lived in the United States for four years, Botswana for two years and Kenya for two years. When I came to school here, I was in middle school, so at that time there’s more of a social pressure to fit in so I did switch from things I would usually be comfortable wearing in Africa to what was popular here like, crocs, Aeropostale, etc. Once I went back to high school in Uganda and then came back here for college, I realized that I prefer the clothing style from Africa. I try to fit it in different places. On my hand I have bracelets and I never take them off; one is for every different country that I go to. I usually wear an African necklace or headpiece that embraces my culture. It makes me feel like I’m home.”