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The Blue & Gray Press | October 22, 2017

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VA Vibes: UVA band, Sorority Boy, releases twinkly emo EP

VA Vibes: UVA band, Sorority Boy, releases twinkly emo EP


On Feb. 20, 2017 a two-piece band formed by two students at the University of Virginia released their first EP Friends/Enemies. Sorority Boy is composed of Maria DeHart, from Falls Church, Virginia and Fredericksburg native Brian Cameron.

Their band name, Sorority Boy, is a comment on how big the Greek life culture is a the University of Virginia.

“I think we wanted to do something kind of fun and funny,” DeHart said. “[We wanted to] make fun of Greek life a little bit because it dominates this school, and it’s obnoxious and also to make it clear we’re trying to break gender boxes.”

The music these two produce is what they describe as “twinkly emo” or “dreamy emo indie rock.” The EP made up of two tracks, Friends/Enemies and Far Away features both of their voices along with DeHart on drums and Cameron on guitar.

“There are definitely some shoegaze influences for sure. There’s a limit to how shoegazey you can successfully be with one guitar or one melody instrument because otherwise at a certain point it just starts sounding like noise, which we’re not really about,” Cameron said. “Got to have those sweet melodies.”

Both DeHart and Cameron had been in other bands before. They had never been in a two-person band, however. They both explained how logistically it was much easier. Cameron said that the way they make music is very democratic and instead of trying to get four people to agree, now they just have to get two.  

The duo did express some difficulties in making their sound warmer and fuller with just two instruments.

As hinted or rather stated by their name, these two are “trying to queer the music scene a little bit” and that’s something that is very important to them. Dehart also noted that making music that their audience thinks is fun and enjoy listening to is something their band works towards. They appreciate friends and people close to them listening to, enjoying and connecting to their music.

Sorority Boy has definitely felt the pressure of our current political climate. Music is something that is so deliberate and offers a way to make a statement and for these two.

“It feels really great, making art that feels reflective of who I am in a really beautiful way in this moment of such terrible current events,” Cameron said. “Just the act of making music under a white national regime, it has to inherently challenge that at every corner.”

Their next show is Tuesday, March 14 in Harrisonburg. They are hoping to play in Fredericksburg sometime soon, but until then you can check out their music and get the EP on Bandcamp at and stay updated on their shows and information through their Facebook Page, Sorority Boy.