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The Blue & Gray Press | August 17, 2019

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Women should have the right to choose

Women should have the right to choose


When it comes to abortion, women should have the right to choose whether or not they want the procedure.  I believe it is a human right for any person, male or female, to be able to make decisions regarding their body because it is theirs. I see an abortion to be like any other medical treatment in the world. If a patient wants to undergo the procedure, then they have the right to.

However, there should a cutoff date – a number of days or months left until the due date where an abortion is no longer an option. This cutoff would be implemented unless the mother’s life was in harm’s way by having the child; in that case, the mother should come first.

On Jan. 22, 1973, The United States Supreme Court confirmed that a woman has the right to have an abortion under the Fourteenth amendment to the Constitution. Since this historic court case, there has been a consistent back and forth between supporters of the pro-choice mentality and those who are pro-life. There are a lot of factors that form and cross each side of the aisle; however, in the 44 years since the court case, the debate is still at the forefront of the political battle.

The views and opinions of those who have chosen the pro-life stance are not to be diminished. They have rooted their freedom of religion and speech to form this opinion. I understand that many people see this as ending a life, taking the timing of an abortion into account.

As I mentioned before, I do believe in certain limitations, but these limitations are rooted within a timetable and carry exemptions too. Religion plays a major part in this group’s opinions, which is natural because one’s religious beliefs are a part of them. It can also be hard to separate these religious views with their political stance.

I understand that some people hold strong views when it comes to their religion. However, our constitution sets up the separation of church and state. Therefore, no religious view should influence a law. Also, if a supporter of the pro-life movement does not want to get an abortion then they don’t have to. It is a choice, not a requirement. I do believe that during the later stages of a woman’s final term abortion should not be an option unless the woman’s life is in danger.

The BBC ethics guide states that the argument of when a fetus obtains human rights changes depending on what perspective you look on, but science and the medical industry do not have a concrete day for this. They say that the Church believes that it is from the moment of conception; however, this presents a conflict with the United States Constitution. So, the argument is not able to hold its ground because it is being seen through a religious context.

Overall, I believe it is anyone’s choice. Abortion is just a common medical procedure that one can go through.  While I do believe there should be limitations, it does not affect my opinion of the procedure as a whole. It should be an option for every woman.


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  1. J

    I respectfully disagree. I don’t think killing babies out of convenience is very moral.

  2. Anonymous

    Well J, I do not think it is moral or ethical to force a women to carry a pregnancy to full term, this is both extremely expensive and laborious for the women. I respect a women’s choice to choose what happens to her body- whether it is to carry a pregnancy to full term or abort a pregnancy. I don’t think that other people who have different opinions should infringe on the rights of that woman.

  3. E

    Please face-check. Many groups who are against abortion are atheist or agnostic. Religious beliefs do not have to be a central issue in abortion.

    Abortion is not a normal medical procedure, it is the only one which deliberately takes a life away. As a woman, I do not think it is empowering. In fact, as a feminist I fundementally disagree with it.

    That in mind, I am not pro-birth. I believe in supporting women who chose life by giving them resources they need. I believe life should be defended from conception to death. (Therefore I am against the death penalty).

    I hope I brought a different perspective because so often pro-lifers have been shown to be a bunch of old white men, and I’m none of those categories.

  4. Anonymous

    It is a human right for a person to have control over their own body; the issue lies in the fact that the fetus is fundamentally not part of his or her mother. From the moment of conception they are an individual human being. By definition abortion is ending their life.

    Many pro-life people are not pro-life because of religion. I am one of them. As a woman I cannot stand behind the idea that we need to take lives to lead successful lives for ourselves, and I think abortion is a violent and misguided solution to a real problem where women are seen as less than, pregnancies out of wedlock are inherently bad, and it is seen as impossible to lead a normal life while having children.

    So with all due respect I’m really going to have to disagree with this article.

  5. Anonymous

    Legally and lawfully speaking, “life” does not begin until the fetus takes a breath. Morally, I am objected to abortion which is why I would not choose it for myself as is my right. The woman already exists as a law abiding citizen therefore, her rights do exist before that of a fetus. Once that fetus comes into the world then its rights exist and should be protected as such. You cannot disregard a woman’s rights because your opinion is that a fetus rights come first.

    Women (by this I mean, what is categorized by a normal, sane women) normally do not celebrate getting an abortion. It is often seen as a last resort, and usually a desperate one. While many will argue on the morality of having sex and not being prepared for a child, there are many instances of sexual assault that also result in pregnancies. There also women who choose to induce when finding out the fetus has a life threatening illness such as Tay Sachs but this is categorized as “late term abortion” in some states.

    Abortion is not as black and white as many would like to make it out to be (i.e., simply having a child out of wedlock), however, it is a decision that should be made between the women, her physician and anyone else SHE chooses to involve.

  6. Snowflake Detector

    Being pro-abortion has nothing to do with being “pro-choice.” People who describe themselves as pro-choice overwhelming support speech codes, gun control, federal involvement in local schools, and pretty much every other anti-choice position there is. Pro-abortions are just looking for a more palatable label for them killing babies out of convenience for their own slutty behaviour. Getting pregnant out of wedlock used to be shameful, it should be again. Accepting immoral behaviour is another part of the cancer of feminism.