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The Blue & Gray Press | August 15, 2018

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UMW Style:90s, pastels and button-downs dominate campus fashion

UMW Style:90s, pastels and button-downs dominate campus fashion


Sarah Hood-Recant, freshman

“This outfit was inspired by a linguistics presentation and I had to look relatively nice for it. I picked this collared shirt because I think it was the first one I saw. These pants are very comfortable and I can move in them and I thought black and white would be a good look for today. My style in general is functioning and comfortable over fashionable so usually sweats. This shirt was actually a Christmas gift because I like all things Hot Topic. This was a really cool shirt for me because my style is androgynous, so I really liked it. It is Fantastic Beasts themed.”

Ty Gaskins, junior

“My mood really inspires all my outfits. I actually see my outfits in my head and then I just grab what I see and put it on. I do trial and error, switching things and mixing them and being like ‘Well this can go with this, and this with this.’ I’m the 90s meets a little 80’s and a little bit of today. So I’m my own person still and everyone knows they’re going to see something different every day. My mom always told me to ‘dress to impress.’ So even if you’re sporty, make it look good. I also played sports in school so I had to learn to look nice in my uniform. Kelani and Keke Palmer are two people I idolize. Keke Palmer especially is the definition of how I want to dress. I just feel like I’m not that risqué, but she’s my ideal person. Kelani is kind of like ‘girl meets boy,’ which is how I am sometimes, even down to my haircut. I didn’t get confident about my style until about last year. I just kept seeing people wearing the same thing and I said ‘I’m tired of looking like everybody else. I want to dress how I want to dress.’ I feel like I was born in the wrong era, so I love 90s music, 90s cartoons, everything. So I just started Googling 90s looks and started dressing different at the end of 2015 and it really took off spring and summer 2016. My whole wardrobe is literally nothing but 80s and 90s.”

Gigi Acuna, freshman

“Honestly, I just decided to go with the outfit for a Judicial meeting I had today. My mind set was just to ‘dress as white as possible.’ I am obnoxiously proud of how I am and my ethnic background, but I don’t trust this country enough to be naive. This outfit does reflect on that a ton though. I love a fun sun dress and this necklace was a gift from my best friend who goes to college in another state. I try to go for effortless, approachable and yet unattainable when getting ready.”

Deanna Geraghty, sophomore

“I was wearing more comfortable clothes earlier, but then I went home and changed because it got warmer, and I thought it might get colder so I put a cardigan on. These shoes are just because I haven’t worn sandals in a while since it’s been cold, and this is one of my favorite necklaces so I just wear it a lot with anything. I kind of change my style up a lot, sometimes more casual, sometimes more dressy. It depends a lot on the weather and my mood. Sometimes I’m more preppy. Honestly it’s just a mix of things, I don’t think I really have a specific style.”