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The Blue & Gray Press | September 24, 2018

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Six study break ideas for stressed out students

Six study break ideas for stressed out students


It is officially April, and University of Mary Washington students are feeling the pressure of exams and dreaded presentations. It’s important to remember that study breaks are essential to the long hours spent in the library. The perfect study break is something that gives your mind a rest from long hours of wracking your brain, while not taking up too much time to distract you from you’re studying. Here are six study break ideas to help keep you relaxed and your brain rested.

Power Nap:

Napping is a favorite pastime for many students, and sometimes it is essential to get through a long study session. Taking a quick 15 minute nap helps give your brain a chance to rest and clear, leaving you revived and ready for the next session of studying.

Take a Walk:

You don’t have to take a long hike. A half hour walk will help you clear your head. Take a walk from Bell Tower to the Anderson Center; this is the perfect distance to stretch your limbs while also letting your mind rest.

Visit the Rappahannock River:

Since the weather is warming up, the Rappahannock River is the prime spot to relax. Taking a walk there will not only wake you up and use up restless energy, but will also provide a quiet study area. Grab that book or note card set that you’ve been avoiding and knock it out by the river, or just sit and enjoy nature for a bit.

Go Downtown:

Downtown Fredericksburg is only a short walk from Mary Washington, and has plenty of things to do when you need a study break. Go to Capital Ale House and get a Giant Bavarian Pretzel, or visit Hyperion Espresso for an energizing drink.

Get on higher ground:
Grab your favorite beverage from Blackstone and go to the highest point you can find. Being above everything else and seeing wide spaces can be calming, while also helping you feel a little less anxious about all your studies.

Events on Campus:
Even though Mary Washington is a smaller campus, there is always an event going on that can provide you with the perfect study break. If Campus Programming Board does not have any events going on, the University Center is your next stop. The UC has a pool table and air hockey table open for student use all day. Take a friend or your roommate and go get a much-needed break—grab a smoothie while you’re there too.

Hopefully these study breaks keep you going as the dreaded month of April begins. Even though you have a lot of assignments and presentations to prepare for, remember to give your brain the break that it needs.