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The Blue & Gray Press | May 27, 2018

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Club Basketball Q&A delves into future plans for the team

Club Basketball Q&A delves into future plans for the team


Club Basketball is a huge part of the University of Mary Washington, especially for those who love basketball and want to play. The team has been to four tournaments so far, this year. Three players, Zachary Wohleking, Terrin Dickerson, and TJ Flood have a lot to say about their time on the team and the continuation of the club for the next coming year.

How has the team done in the year?

Zachary Wohleking:  Well, for the first tournament it was in Maryland and we went 2-3.

The second was Lynchburg, where we went 7-0 and won the whole tournament.

The third was at George Mason, where we went 3-2.

And the fourth was at JMU, where we went 1-3.

Terrin Dickerson: I think we’ve done okay this year with the tournaments we went to. And although the season is almost over, I still think we can get better for the final tournament that we have planned before this season ends.

TJ Flood: This year we did pretty well going 9-9 for the season. I think this season we did great for what we were given.

How do all of you feel thus far about the season?

ZW: It’s been a good step forward for the club with winning its first tournament ever, and also competing in more tournaments then we have in years past has helped team chemistry.

TF: I think this season we did great for what we were given. At just about every tournament, we had a different group of guys so we had to play with what we had. Personally, I also think the best games are when we’re clicking on offense and defense together.

What do you all have planned for the rest of the year?

ZW:  We have one more tournament left, which I’d like to say we have a good chance at winning at.

TF: The year is over so we’re all just focused on our finals coming up. Looking to pick things back up in the fall since no one is leaving/graduating.

What do you have planned for next year?

ZW: For next year, we will probably go to the same [number] of tournaments, or maybe even host one ourselves.

TD: I know we have a few tournaments planned next year. I think we will have more practices so that we could try and win many more tournaments.

TF: Out of the tournaments we had we only won one but we should win more in the upcoming season since we’ve built our chemistry together.  It’s kind of like joining a brand-new team for a sport — you try to find your role and figure out everybody else’s.

Which team members have been real difference-makers?

ZW: Real difference-makers for the team have been TJ Flood, Zack Calloway, and other younger players who have stepped up their play and made us a very good team.

TD: TJ Flood has definitely been a big difference maker in most of our games.

TF: We had different players step up each game but the scouting reports would be on me, Zach Calloway, Jey, Izzie, and Terrin Dickerson. Also, big shout outs to Mikey Barnes because Jey and I were on him heavy to find some tournaments and thankfully he came through for us.

How does it feel to have so many more tournaments this year than in the past?

TD: It feels great to have more tournaments and I am looking forward to having more next semester.

TF: It feels good having more tournaments. It can get a little bit boring playing against the same people in the Goolrick gym all the time.

Men’s club basketball is hoping to have a lot of success in the upcoming season with Dickerson, Flood and rising senior Demarco Nelson taking over leadership roles. The team had such a successful season for such a young program and has garnered a lot of interest already from incoming freshman and current students excited to play.