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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Women’s Lacrosse Awaits Bid to NCAA Tournament Following Amazing Season

Women’s Lacrosse Awaits Bid to NCAA Tournament Following Amazing Season


The women’s lacrosse team has had a landmark season this year. It has been one of the most successful since recent years. They made it to the semifinals of the Capital Athletic Conference, where they faced their personal team to beat, Salisbury. It marked their first shutout game since 1987 against Southern Virginia and on senior day no less.

They were No. 8 in the country for goals against average but the rankings are not what these girls continue to come out for. “It doesn’t matter where you are in rankings,” said Maiah Bartlett, senior geography major. “I’ve never competed on a team with a group of girls that I consider not just teammates but friends.”

Records have been broken and streaks have been created. It’s not just the statistics or the number of w’s that fuel the spirit of this team, it’s the chemistry that runs between each of the players that makes this team one to remember. That once-in-a-lifetime form of teamwork and cooperation that have lead the women’s lacrosse team to being ranked No. 14.

“We all have a positive drive and the same goals in mind,” said Bartlett. “It feels like you’re reading the minds of some of your teammates… everyone’s on the same level [and] everyone clicks now.”

The successes in the early season just made the team play harder and helped cement their place amongst other teams. “Last year we were the underdogs… Everyone was like, ‘Oh, it’s Mary Washington,’ but now people are taking a second look,” Bartlett said.

This newfound respect amongst other teams stems from the way the players just seem to click. “Everything fell into place this year,” said Bartlett. Their connection is not just amongst the players but the coaches as well.

“They believe in us and they show it,” said Bartlett. “It makes you feel so much more confident going into a game knowing they think you can win.” The team has been slowly building to this year since Coach Caitlin Moore took over leadership four years ago.

“She shook it up,” Bartlett said.

A shake up is exactly what the team has been doing this season. They kept a winning streak over seven games that only ended this Saturday after a hard-fought game against Salisbury. However, this defeat isn’t an end to the team’s upward trend.

“It’s a tough reality as a senior but it’s exciting to know you’re leaving a team that will carry on your successes,” said Bartlett.

The women’s lacrosse is still waiting to hear about a potential bid in the upcoming NCAA tournament that starts on May 13.