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The Blue & Gray Press | September 23, 2018

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Parking passes are a racket for Eagle Landing residents

Parking passes are a racket for Eagle Landing residents


Staff Writer

Upperclassmen have the opportunity to have their cars on campus, however, the parking situation may be more than they bargained for.

The university offers a variety of places for students to park their cars, if they decide to bring one. The trick is everyone must have a parking decal to park on campus grounds, whether they are a resident or are commuting. Those living in Eagle Landing must purchase a special Eagle Landing parking decal, which allows students to park anywhere on campus except on College Avenue and Sunken Road, according to Parking Management supervisor, Jean Elliott. As a resident of Eagle Landing, I was frustrated at the fact that I had to purchase the most expensive decal on campus.

If you decide to park elsewhere on campus, whether you live in Eagle, the University Apartments, Residence Halls or if you are a commuter, make sure you have the correct parking decal to avoid being towed. Parking decals offered by the University vary from $0 to $375 year-round.

Entrance to parking garage

Even though students live in different areas on or off campus, parking passes should be the same price. All students with vehicles need to find parking but for some reason there are these great disparities between decal costs that I don’t understand.

Elliott said “Parking passes for Eagle are more expensive because of the various areas students can park in, plus you are ensured parking in a secured parking garage.” I understand the benefits, but I still think the decals are too expensive.

Although students in Eagle Landing have many places to park, the parking garage seems to be the place where students mainly leave their vehicle for longer periods of time. Vehicles belonging to students have to remain parked between the third and fifth floor, while faculty/staff and people in Eagle Village have the opportunity to park on floors one and two. It would be a good idea to have students park in a separate area, because then everyone who enters on the third floor has to come in through a secured gate.

For Fall 2017, Eagle Landing parking decals were $375, which is a ridiculous price to pay just to park in a parking garage. Though I understand that it is safer for students to park in the garage, than to park on the side of the streets.I say the price needs to be decreased so that it is more accessible to students and more equitable to the prices of the other decals.


  1. UMW appt resident.

    Okay so then we should flat line the price for housing as well because I think it’s unfair that I pay apartment pricing for my apartment and not VA hall pricing even though I get more space than VA residents. It does not make any sense more people to pay extra. If you don’t like the price you have to pay then DONT live in eagle.

  2. Anonymous

    Students should stop fighting each other on this and really address the real culprit: WHY do faculty and staff get the best parking and it’s free? AND they get to park on college ave too??