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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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UMW soccer goes scoreless during the UMW Classic

UMW soccer goes scoreless during the UMW Classic


Senior Writer

The University of Mary Washington hosted its annual UMW Classic Women’s soccer tournament this past weekend and both games were very heated as Mary Washington defended against two very skilled visiting teams.

The first match was a close game. Washington College scored the one and only point against UMW, bringing Washington College the victory with a final score of 1 to nothing.

​Erica Ganthner

The second match was between Rowan and Mary Washington. It was not until 23 minutes into the first period that Rowan scored, from there the Eagles attempted to push back. During the second period, UMW’s women’s soccer was gradually forced back into defense and Rowan earned its second point. The game ended with a score of 3 to nothing.

According to Corey Hewson, the head coach of UMW’s women’s soccer team, there are three teams from the mid Atlantic region who attend the event besides UMW, St. Mary’s, Rowan and Washington College.

Kelcie Macomber, a junior goalkeeper for the team, said that UMW was up against good competitors. Macomber was excited for these two big games at home and even though the odds didn’t end up being in UMW’s favor the event was a learning experience because they got to play against teams they wouldn’t normally play against. Macomber said, “You have to have determination to get the job done.”

Coach Hewson agreed with Macomber and kept the optimism alive in saying that UMW’s women’s soccer team will always be determined whether they win or lose.

Despite this year’s disappointing performance, the Eagles performed well during the season’s previous matches with a streak of three wins. There’s still hope to turn things around with many chances to play against more teams as the season goes on. The next game is set for Sept. 13 against Randolph-Macon with another game following on Sept.16 at Goucher.