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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2019

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Vocelli worker accident leads to additional delivery fee

Vocelli worker accident leads to additional delivery fee


Staff Writer

After an accident between two Vocelli delivery bicyclists, Vocelli manager, Steve Randall, needed to raise money to cover workers’ compensation and a rising insurance rate. Randall said that the cause of the accident was the removal of the mirror on the Eagle Village bridge. The delivery bicyclists were coming towards each other around a corner and collided. “One worker shattered his elbow,” said Randall.

At the start of this fall semester, Vocelli Pizza, began charging a delivery fee. The lack of an official announcement and the continued advertisement of free delivery on the online menu raised questions about the changes in pricing. The added charge is $1.25 in addition to the $10 limit for delivery.

Instead of upping the menu prices, Vocelli Pizza decided to factor in a delivery charge.

Randall, pointed out this charge is still notably less than the charge of other local pizza spots, including the off-campus Vocelli Pizza.

Without an announcement explaining the new delivery charge, confusion spread across campus when prices were suddenly a bit higher and rumors began spreading.

“I’m not surprised that they started charging for delivery but it also bothers me that the university didn’t tell us about it,” said junior Mackenzie Hard. “They should definitely address it.”

Other students agreed that while they were not particularly upset about the added charge, it was the lack of communication that caused frustration.

“Since it’s with my flex money I’m not really bothered by it since I don’t use all of my flex money anyways,” junior Christina Amaral said. “But for people who live closer to Vocelli, that $1.25 charge might make the difference of getting delivery rather than just walking over.”

Junior Eva Denelle, gave her own thoughts on the matter too. “I think that as an on campus restaurant Vocelli has the responsibility to let students know about any changes in pricing,” she said. “It’s frustrating when you expect to be spending a certain amount of money and it’s more, even a small increase.”