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“Cold-shoulder fashion” shows itself onto UMW campus

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Katherine Lamb, Sophomore


Senior Writer

Believe it or not, the off-the shoulder trend began in the late 1800s, where Charles Frederick Worth designed large, elaborate dresses with intricate designs and off-the shoulder sleeves. Worth began what is known as Haute Couture and a large part of this well-known period of fashion was the seductive idea of bare shoulders, scandalous. The fashion trend moved to stylish tops in the 1950s with the help of French actress, Brigitte Bardot. She paired these off-the-shoulder tops with long pants, short skirts and everything in between. In fact, the off-the-shoulder trend is also known as the “Bardot” style.

Reemerging in 2014, off-the-shoulder fashion made a comeback. The style is seen today on various shirts, crop tops and dresses. More recently, blue and white pinstriped blouses and dresses have been somewhat an invention of the decade. As a byproduct of the off-the-shoulder style, peeped-shoulder fashion, like what Katherine Lamb is wearing below, has also made its way into modern clothing. The two trends are called “cold-shoulder fashion.”

Here at UMW, people have been wearing cold-shoulder fashion flawlessly. Whether it be in dresses or tops, lace or cotton, floral or striped, this fashion has definitely made itself at home. Not only that, but students seem to be wearing their shoulders with pride. Compare this fashion to the ‘80s, when women wore shoulder pads in their clothing to appear more masculine. Today, women have not only abandoned the trend but also have made their own shoulders the main focus of recent fashion, displaying them not just as beautiful and feminine, but also as important and strong.


Kelly Lehmann, Sophomore
Brianna Croye, Freshman


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