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The Blue & Gray Press | August 17, 2019

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Binge-watching Netflix is not the best option for free time

Binge-watching Netflix is not the best option for free time


Staff Writer

With the stress of balancing classes, jobs and extracurriculars, many college students use their free time to unwind by watching episode after episode of their newest favorite series on Netflix. With a plethora of televised entertainment just one click away, it is easy to get caught up in an infinite loop of watching one show after the next. Here are four alternatives to watching Netflix the next time you have some free time:

  1. Go to the gym

UMW has an incredible gym that is free for students to use. It has a weight-lifting area and a floor dedicated entirely to cardio equipment,  in addition to the basketball courts, pool and many other features that a lot of students don’t take advantage of.  Students can also take group exercise classes like zumba and spin classes for only $10 dollars to get unlimited access for the year. The schedule for these classes can be found on the fitness center website or a print out can be picked up at the front desk.

  1. Live music downtown

Every Friday night there is live music downtown. It’s free to attend and often features local bands.  Many times there are other events going on that you can attend on Fridays as well.  A calendar of these events can be found at

  1. Read a book

The UMW library is another excellent free resource to students that many use for papers or just some peace and quiet in a study room. The library also contains a large section of both fiction and nonfiction books that can be read for fun. These books can be checked out and brought home to read in the comfort of your own bed. They also offer an ebook service where you can check out and read books online if you prefer to read on technological devices like tablets or laptops.

  1. Go to a local park

There are a lot of parks in the Fredericksburg area if you are willing to venture off campus. On nice days you can go to Old Mill Park where you can go down to the river and sit in the sand or swim in the water. They also have soccer fields and picnic tables, so if you don’t want to swim, there are plenty of other things to do.There is also a dog park less than two blocks from campus. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own to bring, many owners are more than happy to let you come and play with theirs. This is good exercise for both you and the dogs. There are also walking trails all over the downtown area you can venture to and get a feel for the beautiful scenery in the area.

There are a lot of things to do here at UMW regardless of if you want to stay on campus, or are more adventurous and willing to explore the surrounding area.  If you are ever bored and aren’t sure what to do, check out or for all sorts of ideas in the local area.