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The Blue & Gray Press | September 23, 2018

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Ask Katherine: Advice to Freshmen


Senior Writer

How do students get out of a fire drill? Stated by a freshman, clearly

Proceed in a quick and orderly manner towards the nearest exit. If your roommate is not up, make sure they get up. If it’s a nighttime fire-drill, knock on the doors you pass on the way out to ensure that nobody sleeps through it.

What are the latest popular phone apps? Stated by the technologically challenged

If you don’t already have them, absolutely download Canvas for your classes, the Guardian app for campus safety and Bite to get a heads-up on the UC menu. I’ve also heard that new game Temple Run has been getting pretty big lately.

How do I stop binge-watching One Tree Hill when I know I have two tests this week?  Stated by someone seeking self-control

You could try prioritizing your work like an adult, or using the show as a reward system for finishing your work. Or just finish the show; that way you won’t be tempted to watch it again for a while.

I want to major in computer science but Trinkle’s musty old basement is setting off my asthma. What should I do? Stated by a fan of clean air

Respirators are only about $17 on Amazon but if that doesn’t work out, I’ve heard that the new psychology building is pretty nice.

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