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The Blue & Gray Press | May 22, 2018

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UMW golfers hopeful for a great season

UMW golfers hopeful for a great season


Staff Writer

Going into their second season, the University of Mary Washington men’s golf team is getting ready to dominate this season. Two UMW golf athletes said that they feel prepared for this upcoming season.

“With the team we have this year, we expect to win the CAC title in the spring,” said Austin Matz, sophomore. “After getting off to a good start this fall, I feel our expectations have become not only to win a CAC championship, but to compete at the national level.”

As the year goes, the team will continue to improve, making it a bit easier to make a strong name for themselves.

“I am really excited for this upcoming season because I also feel like we can win the CAC championship because of our strong recruiting class,” said sophomore, Jason Guintu.

Men’s UMW Golf team.

But getting to that CAC championship will take some preparation on all sides. “I prepare for our tournaments by playing with a tournament mindset in practice,” said Guintu. “During practice rounds for our tournament I make sure to study the course really well so have a good feel of it for when the tournament starts.”

Most of the tournaments that the team participates in are two or three day events. This means that the team will play a practice round before the tournament starts, allowing them to see the course to figure out how to approach each event.

Both Matz and Guintu really enjoy being on the team, even though it is so new. “Being part of the first golf team at UMW has been as awesome experience, especially with the success we had during our first year,” said Matz.

Looking back on the last year, both Matz and Guintu were really proud of themselves with their overall scores. The two of them said they would be interested in playing basketball.

“I would want to be part of the basketball team because it would be an experience very different from golf. I feel it would be a cool experience to play a fast paced sport right on campus where a lot of the community comes to the games,” said Matz.

The UMW golf team started their season on Sunday, Sept. 10 at the CAC fall invitational in Cape Charles, Virginia at the Bay Creek Resort course. They will be looking to continue a great season.