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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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UC bike pump taken for repairs

UC bike pump taken for repairs


Staff Writer

The bike pump located by the University Center was taken away for repairs earlier in October.  The university’s original goal was for the pump to be fixed and back at the University Center by the time students returned from fall break.

John Wiltenmuth, UMW’s Associate Vice President for Facilities Services, said, “the pump was reinstalled last week after a new concrete base was constructed.”

Students started to notice that the bike pump was not working properly for weeks leading up to the pump’s disappearance from the University Center.

“I have been using my bike on campus for the past two years because my car is not always reliable,” said junior Rona Randall. “So when I saw that the bike pump had been removed, I was disappointed because while I don’t bike often, I do use it for important trips around and off campus, and unfortunately the closest gas station that would have an air pump is more than a mile away so that is not always an option.”

On Sept. 28, Randall experienced issues with the bike pump and posted on Facebook that the pump was not working. Since then, the pump was removed without any announcement to students. This left many wondering why the pump was gone and when they could expect it to be back.

According to UMW Chief of Police Michael Hall, UMW is a bike-friendly school with 1,067 bikes currently registered to students on campus. Despite the large number of bikes on campus, the school only offers two bike pumps.

“In addition to the pump/tool station at University Center, there is a pump at Eagle Landing,” Wiltenmuth wrote over email.

However, for students who do not live near Eagle Landing, it would be inconvenient for them to have to rely on that pump given the distance between Eagle Landing and the center of campus.

“I personally do not have a bike on campus, but if I did, it would be super helpful to have more than two bike pumps,” said junior Mackenzie Hard. “In the past I know students who have struggled with finding the bike pumps or finding one that works. It’s frustrating if only one of the pumps is working, especially since they are pretty far apart from each other.”