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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Staff Ed: Exercise your right to vote this election day

Staff Ed: Exercise your right to vote this election day


Election Day is right around the corner; the Virginia State Governor’s race will be held on Tuesday Oct. 7. In addition to casting a vote for governor, citizens will also get to vote for candidates running for lieutenant governor, attorney general and their delegate to the VA General Assembly.

It is important to be an educated voter so familiarizing yourself with the candidates is encouraged whether you ultimately decide to vote or not. Ralph Northam will be representing the Democratic Party in this year’s Virginia Governor’s race, while Ed Gillespie will be the Republican candidate. The Governor will sign or veto laws that are passed by the legislature and will set regulations for the state.

Lieutenant Governor Northam, a Virginia native, served in the Army and is a pediatric neurologist and hopes to give back to Virginia. Through his campaign, Northam has put an emphasis on lowering education and health care costs.

A former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Republican National Committee, Gillespie plans on revitalizing the Virginia economy. With finances as a main priority of his campaign, Gillespie envisions the creation of many new jobs for Virginians.

Jill Vogel is the Republican candidate running for Lieutenant Governor, while Justin Fairfax is the Democratic candidate. The lieutenant governor will cast deciding votes in the State Senate if a vote is tired.

Lastly, Mark Herring, representing the Democratic Party, and John Adams, representing the Republican Party, are the candidates for Attorney General. The Attorney General is the top lawyer for Virginia, they can sue the federal government, companies, or individuals on behalf of the state.

The Blue & Gray Press exercise your right to vote and use your voice to improve the chances that the best candidate is chosen to represent Virginia as governor. To make traveling to the polls easier for students, Mary Washington provides shuttles to various locations for those that are registered to vote in Fredericksburg.

With a busy schedule, finding the time to vote can be difficult but even if you are unable to make it to the polls, it is important to know who is representing Virginia. Although it may be too late to register for this election, you can get registered for next year’s Senate race.