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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Dressing for fickle fall weather: students share strategies

Dressing for fickle fall weather: students share strategies


Staff Writer

Hiding a picture perfect outfit under a trench coat because the weather is crisp and nippy in the morning just to have to change down to shorts and a t-shirt by afternoon has been all too familiar amongst students at the University of Mary Washington this fall season.

This unpredictable weather in Virginia during the fall season leaves many students wondering how to prevent being caught off guard by the sudden changing weather.

Walking down campus walk provides an insight into the various approaches to combating the ever changing and unpredictable fall weather that exists in Virginia. Some students prefer to dress for the chilly mornings and retire to their homes in the afternoon to change into a whole new outfit while others take the layer approach so they can be comfortable and fashionable throughout both the chilly mornings and the warm afternoons.

“Layers!” said senior Shannon Haley. “Wear a short sleeve shirt and then a sweater or jacket on top for the mornings, then you can take it off when it’s hot.”

Junior Sarah Petty gave her advice. “Never wear jeans because you can’t change out of those as easy and never wear full length leggings because you can overheat in those, too,” said Petty.

Wearing layers seems to be the remedy to combat the haywire Virginia fall weather according to several students.

“Dress in layers so that as the day gets hotter, you can be cooler,” said sophomore Sylvan Brier.

For the women at the University of Mary Washington, dressing in layers can still take on a fashionable approach. Leggings with a cute top and a light jacket can make any deceiving morning look good while also looking chic in the afternoon when the weather becomes warmer.

For males, dressing for the ever changing fall season is not as complex. Layers seem to be the solution for many male students.

“A light pair of pants, shirt, and jacket work for my everyday go to outfit and it allows me to be both warm and cool depending on the time of day and weather,” said junior Joshua Staley.

For students that are indoors most of the day and don’t experience the changing of weather, dressing comfortably for the time of day when they are getting to get to their destination works best for them.

“Making sure to dress for whatever temperature you’re going to be in the longest is always helpful,” said senior Emily Keehan.

Some buildings around campus have already switched to only heat even though these first few weeks of fall have been on the warmer side, especially in the afternoons. Knowing that most of the buildings are running the heat could help students when planning their attire for the day.

The crazy unpredictability of the Virginia fall weather creates a frenzy amongst students as they attempt to dress comfortably for both the chilly mornings and the almost spring like