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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Newspapers disappear throughout the UMW campus

Newspapers disappear throughout the UMW campus


Staff Writer

This year, daily issues of The New York Times and the Washington Post have disappeared from their usual stands throughout campus. Many professors and staff were confused, as they looked forward to reading the paper every morning. Mary Washington used to provide The New York Times and the Washington Post all around campus for everyone to read and those who enjoyed having these papers easily available to them around campus were confused as to why they have gone missing.

“In the year and a half I’ve been here, I have always noticed the newspapers have been available to students in every building,” said Carolyn Rouse, a sophomore and English major.

Dean Cedric Rucker said that budget constraints have caused these amenities to be cut from buildings on campus.

“The newspaper program was sponsored by the SGA, and the program was ended due to budget restrictions,” Rucker said. In order to provide news papers for the school, money must be put aside. Newspapers are not free, so it makes sense that some cuts were made, however, students think we could make budget cuts somewhere else.

“I never read the paper before but I feel like that’s not because I don’t live on campus but for students who do, I feel like that would be really important to them to know what’s going on,” said Adeline Comerford, junior and American Studies major.

Upon looking into this matter, Dean Rucker was able to explain what had happened.

“I have received a lot of complaints from students, as well as faculty and staff members… We’re currently working to see about getting it back,” said Matthew Good, Director of Communications.

The SGA notices how important being able to have the paper readily available has become to us and is working to get it back for the UMW community.