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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Seniors reflect on brunch at old Seacobeck dining hall

Seniors reflect on brunch at old Seacobeck dining hall


Staff Writer

Ever since the University Center became the new Seacobeck in the fall of 2015, few and current students have experienced meals at both locations. Only seniors have been here long enough to remember the quaint dining experience of Seacobeck Hall, and a large portion of them dropped their meal plan after moving off campus or are transfers who also never stepped foot inside the old building. Students who have experienced both, however, have fond memories of Seacobeck, in particular, brunch nostalgia.

Most students who never experienced the dining hall, like senior marketing major and transfer student, Brian Hobbs, have mostly positive things to say about options at the UC.

“I think the UC has a nice variety of food,” said Hobbs. “I like their sausage links and their french toast sticks the most.”

When comparing the two dining halls, senior business administration major Lydia Kong stated, “I miss Seacobeck brunch because I think it’s better than the UC,” said Kong. “As a freshman, I would go to Seacobeck brunch every weekend with my friends… They had more food options, seating and the atmosphere was welcoming.”

The food is not always the most important aspect of the dining experience. Many seniors had more to say about the new atmosphere than they did about the food.

Senior business administration major Terrin Dickerson said, “The food is pretty much the same, eggs, sausage, just normal brunch food… I like the old-school environment from Seacobeck better though.”

Senior biology major, Alex Fellows had a similar opinion. “I was a little bummed because I moved into a house on Seacobeck Street my junior year,” said Fellows, “and I was excited that I could basically walk across the street to get to the dining hall.”

UMW alumni, Brian Christiansen also remembers Seacobeck brunch. “I don’t necessarily believe that the food has changed dramatically with the transition from the old building to the new one… I liked being in the old building and having that feeling that it was somewhat original to the school. I feel like the UC has started to move UMW away from it’s roots.”

The common theme seems to be that students miss the atmosphere of Seacobeck, but as far as the food that is served during brunch, the UC and Seacobeck are very similar.