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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2018

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Uplifting playlist for cold and lonely winter months

Uplifting playlist for cold and lonely winter months


Contributing Writer

As the temperature outside dips into the 30s and we all wish we were on the beach sipping on margaritas or whatever… we’re not.

And if you’re single, like me, you have no one to hold or help warm you up.

It’s okay though, I promise. So I’ve brought you some songs to put that pep back in your step while you walk around campus all cold and lonely.

  1. “Blind Love,” by TRINIX

When I listen to music I want to feel something, I want to get lost. This song does exactly that. It’s upbeat and it doesn’t have any excessive lyrics to weigh it down. TRINIX is a really talented DJ duo from France, and if you like this track I would suggest checking out “Everything,” and “Raining Day,” on their Soundcloud.

2. “Rain,” by ORION

Onion Rings? Wait no, ORION. I’m not hungry or anything. Anyway, this song really develops in complexity and depth, and I’ve found it to be a good track for the gym or when you’re feeling a little blue.

3. “No Coming Down,” by NIGHTMRE

Remember Alessia Cara’s song “Here”? Well, if you loved it as much as I did you’ll  definitely dig this one – the female vocals are very similar to Cara’s vibe and the intro is really hype. This is another good track for the gym.

4. “Sunflow,” by TREPLEV

Do you and your friends like making up raps or free styling? I would really give this track a good listen, I think it’s my favorite one on this playlist. I could listen to it over and over again, and it’s really good driving music.

5. “Colours,” by Khwezi

Trying to get to sleep or stuck studying? This is a really good track for that type of mood. I know it doesn’t have any lyrics but in my opinion, if you can still enjoy a song without singing along you’re really getting a chance to step into the artist’s mind.

6. “Palms,” by Petit Biscuit

Hands down my favorite song. Whether I’m walking, driving or blatantly ignoring people this is the track I’m jiving to. I’ve been listening to Petit Biscuit for a while now. He’s another DJ from France, and I think his music is so alluring and timeless. For some people, though this type of music might take some getting used to.

I hope you all enjoy the playlist. If you have any comments or would like to suggest music please feel free to do so below!

Here is the link to the playlist on Soundcloud: