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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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YouTube content is more entertaining than television shows

YouTube content is more entertaining than television shows


Senior Writer

In the twelve years since its launch, YouTube has become one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of our generation and the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Within the last decade especially, many YouTube channels have become insanely popular, gaining millions of subscribers and allowing their owners to make a career off of their videos by gaining ad revenue from them.

When you browse YouTube, you are bound to find something that can keep you entertained for a good couple of hours. If video games are your thing, you can watch “Let’s Players,” gamers who record themselves playing games with humorous or helpful commentary. If you want to listen to some music, you can listen to pretty much any song for free on YouTube, or even better, watch music videos from your favorite artists. If you just want to laugh at some memes or parkour fails, there’s no better place to find them than YouTube. From makeup tutorials to supposed demon sightings caught on camera, there’s something on YouTube for everyone.

Personally, I find YouTube to be far more entertaining than anything currently on TV. Most TV channels are filled with way too many similar crime dramas, poorly written comedies and downright stupid cartoons to be worth anyone’s time. The only time I ever watch TV anymore is when I want to watch a movie that I do not own or a show that I grew up with. I almost never watch modern TV shows anymore, especially because on most channels, I have to sit through irritatingly long commercial breaks for other terrible shows that I have no interest in.

On YouTube, however, the closest thing to a commercial break is a 30-second ad you have to watch at the beginning of a video. There are no ridiculously long wait times for a video to come back on, and if you need to get up to do something, you can just pause the video to go do it. In addition, it can be much easier to find something you enjoy watching on YouTube. On TV, you have to browse through all the channels, hoping that something you enjoy watching will be on at the time.

On YouTube, it takes nothing more than a quick search in the search bar to find a video you will enjoy watching. You can even watch your favorite TV shows on YouTube, and even though you have to pay for them, you still have instant access to them and can watch them anytime you want.For these reasons, YouTube is much more convenient to watch than TV.

The biggest difference between YouTube and TV is how YouTube actually allows you to give feedback to YouTubers by leaving comments on their videos. You can let YouTubers know what you like and dislike about their videos, and what you would like to see more of. Most of the time, YouTube channels are run by only one or two people, and they are more than happy to have interaction with their viewers and learn what they can do to increase the quality of their videos. Being able to interact with the creators of the content you watch makes YouTube feel much more personal.

Too often, TV producers create shows based on what they think people want to see, and end up creating something that gets heavily panned by the people they were trying to appeal to. YouTubers actually put in the effort of talking to their audiences to find out what they want to see more of in their videos, and then improving their videos based on those requests. This makes their content seem much more worthwhile than anything TV has to offer.

YouTube is full of talented content creators who deserve more recognition than they receive. Money is often the single goal that TV producers have in mind when they create shows. However, YouTubers do not just create videos for money.

They put a lot of time and effort into making quality content that people can enjoy, often on a much smaller budget, because they have a real passion for what they do and want to share it with other people. This passion really shows in their videos, and it is the primary reason I find YouTube much more entertaining than TV. If you are like me and you find that there is nothing good on TV anymore, than I highly recommend you check out what is available to watch on YouTube. You will be surprised by just how much creativity YouTube videos can really have.