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The Blue & Gray Press | December 11, 2018

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Inspirational playlist to revamp failing resolutions

Inspirational playlist to revamp failing resolutions


Staff Writer

With January over and February moving steadily along, it’s the time of year when many people start slacking off on resolutions for 2018. From giving up on going to the gym to “accidentally” finishing off a bag of Chili Lime Takis one night while watching “Friends,” countless “new year, new me” plans are being abandoned with the first two months of the year. But, no matter how your year has gone so far, it’s never too late for a fresh start. Rather than waiting another 10 months to recommit to your goals, just listen to these songs and I’m sure they’ll give you the attitude boost to come back stronger than ever.

“Guilty” by Lady Wray

Is it weird to say that whenever I listen to this track I feel like I’m a kick-butt, crime-fighting spy in a 1970s film? In the best way, this track combines Lady Wray’s raspy and assertive vocals with a groovy, soulful rhythm. Complimented by a strong drum beat and backup singers to echo the mood of her lyrics, this song creates a sense of unashamed honesty and serves as the perfect start for our playlist.

“You’re So Cool” by Jonathan Bree

Aside from possibly having the weirdest albeit funniest music video I’ve watched, this track I recently stumbled upon also has a retro vibe to it. If “sleepy dance track from the 60s” is a mood, then Jonathan Bree encapsulates it flawlessly. The lead singer’s voice sounding enchantingly bored is accentuated by creeping violin chords, electric guitar and a simple, laid back drum beat.

“Dear to Me” by Electric Guest

Most of these tracks have a “retro vibe,” but I guess the fates would have it that 2018 looks back to the soulful and upbeat music of the past. This song sweetly sings about the feeling of doubtlessly being in love. It’s super upbeat and the combination of bass guitar and synth heavy sounds give this a wonderfully 80s attitude that instantly puts me in a happy mood and makes me want to jump up and dance.

“Best to You” by Blood Orange

While the artist now goes by Dev Hynes, this song marries synth beats and tribal instruments for another awesome track perfect for driving around town with the windows rolled down, soaking up the sun…except it’s still February. The female vocals in this song are by Empress Of who is another favorite of mine so if you like this, you should definitely check out her beautifully raw album “Me.”

”Leaving the Park” by Oneohtrix Point Never

I discovered this track while watching the incredibly nerve-wrecking and exhilarating film “Good Time,” directed last year by the Safdie brothers. Driven by its entirely synthesizer based sound and lack of vocals, this song has a steady build and layering of 80s sounds that makes me feel like I can conquer anything put in front of me…even piles of homework.

“Corporation” by Jack White

The better question is when can’t Jack White create a song that makes you feel like a complete badass? Just released off of his upcoming album “Boarding House Reach” White does what he does best, combining shrieking vocals and booming electric guitar to create a sense of undefeatable power and defiance- the perfect attitude to hold on to to conquer the rest of 2018.