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The Blue & Gray Press | March 22, 2018

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Kendall Parker: the inside scoop

Kendall Parker: the inside scoop


Staff Writer

On Feb. 8, Kendall Parker became one of the few athletes to score 1,000 career points for the UMW basketball program. The game was against Wesley College and Parker was able to provide 16 points to UMW’s win.

“Our team was trying to send a message throughout the CAC, so we were really focused on winning that game,” said Parker.

Adding that milestone did not even cross her mind before the game that night. Immediately after passing the mark, parents and fans in the crowd celebrated Parker by holding up signs displaying a large “1000”. Her teammates and coach rushed out to hug her after the quarter was over.

In her senior year, she has spent time sharing everything she has learned with her younger teammates and giving everything she has to each game, knowing any game could be her last.

Her favorite moment of all her time on this team was in her sophomore year when the team won the CAC Championship.

“That was an amazing experience; there is nothing like it. We fought every day, and we were determined that we were going to win the championship that year,” said Parker.

Parker, a Fredericksburg local, played basketball for Stafford High School and several different traveling AAU teams before attending college. Although she originally started playing baseball as a child, she transitioned into playing basketball because she liked the fast pace and aggression. She dedicated her entire late childhood and teen years to perfecting her game.

“I probably spent more time in the gym than I did anywhere else,” Parker reflects, “and I wouldn’t trade that for the world because it got me to where I am today,” said Parker.

There are several people that Parker views as role models. Her mom has been her main role model throughout her life. Athletically, Kobe Bryant has had a significant influence on her. As a child, Parker used to keep up with him closely, as she was inspired by his work ethic and the amount of time he spent in the gym.

Parker rarely has free time for hobbies but she loves listening to music and watching Netflix. She listens to a wide variety of genres, ranging from rap to country. As for TV shows, her favorite of all time is Psych.

Given that Parker has scored 1,000 points, it is only logical to ask some 1,000 themed questions about her. When asked to choose between living one life that is 1,000 years long or living 1,000 separate, normal length lives, she decided she would prefer to live one long life because she would want to remember everything. When asked if she could have 1,000 of anything else besides points, she would want 1,000 cars so she could sell 999 of them.

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