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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Sudden rises in temperatures have positive effects on students

Sudden rises in temperatures have positive effects on students


Staff Writer 

As the end of February approaches, Fredericksburg has proceeded to get through all  four seasons within the month. Whether it be a frigid 30 degrees with freezing rain or sweltering 86 degrees and sunny, the February weather has been inconsistent.

These dramatic shifts in temperature beg the question, how has the warm weather affected the students of Mary Washington, on a social, physical and academic level?

Freshman Chris Fuller shared his insights into why the increasing temperature may help some students focus and study harder.

“I just feel as it gets hotter and sunnier outside, students are going to feel more inclined to workout,” Fuller said. “When I work out, I feel like a sharper and more focused person, which in turn helps me focus on my work,” Fuller continued, “I also feel that studying and doing homework outside in the warmth, is a lot more enjoyable then being cooped up in a small dorm with little to no sunlight, it just makes it feel like less of a chore.”

This general thought process, seemed to be the consensus throughout the university when talking with other students.

Freshman Wyatt Spage, had quite the interesting take on the recent Summer-like temperatures.

“I enjoy the warmer weather a lot, it’s much more relaxing and you just feel more productive, mainly because you can go outside and do school work or just hang out with some friends,” Spage said.

Spage was quick to point out one of the negatives of warmer weather however.,

“More people are outside, so that means there’s going to be more missionaries bothering and harassing you every chance they get,” he continued, “it seems like once the temperature hits a certain point, you can’t turn your head without someone handing you some kind of religious literature or trying to talk to you about their religious affiliation, which can get pretty annoying. But, even though it is a little irritating to be bothered like that, I still much prefer this warmer weather and hope it continues throughout the rest of the school year.”   

The positive opinions about the warmer weather are shared throughout campus. While walking around campus during one of the hottest days of the month, one can see how crowded the campus is with people reading, studying, talking and even throwing the football around on Ball Circle.

One student, Freshman Antonio Hicks spoke of his enjoyment of the nice weather.

“I enjoy just walking around in this weather, you can’t really just walk around when it’s cold and raining outside,” Hicks said.

He continued sharing that he feels, “more productive in general,” with the warmer climate, and that, “more work usually gets done at a faster and overall more enjoyable pace,” when compared to the traditional colder climate of February.

It seems to be the general opinion of the Mary Washington public, that warmer weather is a greater catalyst for your overall social, physical and academic standing.