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The Blue & Gray Press | June 24, 2018

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UMW Firearms club hosts 2A Day event

UMW Firearms club hosts 2A Day event


Staff Writer

The Firearms Club is holding an event called 2A day. This event, similar to previous events will be focused primarily on education. The seminar and series of talks will be held in the Digital Auditorium on March 30.

“We discussed that we did not want to be political and rather focus on educating people even if they are against guns or have never shot a gun” said vice president of the club, junior Steven Jett.

This event will consist of different second amendment speakers including Erin Palette, founder of Operation Blazing Sword, Michael Johns the General Manager of the NRA Range, Logan Metesh, Firearms Specialist for the NRA Museum, and more.

The second amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right of people to keep and bear arms and the UMW Firearms Club aims to focus on the advocacy of these rights. In addition, the Firearms Club hopes to increase firearm sport participation and firearm related safety and training.

“I joined the club in hopes to meet people who share the same love for guns as I do,” said Geology major and junior David Jett.

“2A Day is a free public event open to the UMW and Fredericksburg community. The schedule for this event consists of a training seminar, different speakers, a Q&A session, pizza, and more. The training seminar is two hours long and everyone who stays for the entire seminar will receive a free one year NRA membership.

Junior Natalie Johns, the creator and president of the club, states “I’m really proud of how fast this club has grown and I’m excited to see what else this club accomplishes!”

The club became an officially funded and recognized club in October 2017 and there are about 15 to 25 members present at each meeting, about 140 people on the emailing list for the club, and over 50 members on the club’s Facebook page, Johns mentioned.

By joining the club and attending 2A Day students will be able to connect with others and meet new people. David Jett shared that through his participation in the club, he has been able to connect with other students that have the same passion for firearms as he does.

The Firearms Club of UMW is enthusiastic and hopes to continue growing and further achieving their missions of providing firearm and related safety training. Vice president, Steven Jett, said that he hopes new people will participate in the event, so they can learn about gun laws and become better educated on the subject.

Junior David Jett, hopes to increase education on firearms and their usefulness as well as their safety.  

The Firearms Club hopes that people will show to participate in the event where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with a Q&A panel with all the speakers at the end of the event. There will also be opportunities to win raffle prizes throughout the event such as a ‘Range Bag’ valued at over $200, if pending request is approved.

Students can register for the event at and search 2A Day to learn more.

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