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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2018

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April Lookbook

April Lookbook


Senior Writer

Want to know the inspiration for these looks and how to create them yourself? Check out the Blue & Gray Press’ April Lookbook on or on the Blue & Gray Press Youtube Channel!

Ahad Shahid, Senior

Look: Cool, Collected, and Confident

Ahad uses clothing and fashion to his advantage by reflecting on his personality. He likes to make every piece he wears his own, and makes sure to express himself exactly the way he wants to be.

Carly Hanson, Sophomore

Look: Brilliantly Blossoming

Carly loves to show her talents by creating what she calls “art for your face.” She tries out new looks often and feels confident and ready for the day when she gets to highlight the things she loves about herself.

Erin Foster, Freshman

Look: Easy, Breezy, and Colorful

Erin uses her creativity and love for the arts as inspiration for her day-to-day style. She likes to take inspiration from previous decades and find ways to apply them to modern fashion, making them both comfortable and stylish.

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