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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Artist Lucy Dacus stuns at show in D.C.

Artist Lucy Dacus stuns at show in D.C.


Contributing Writer

Lucy Dacus, a 22-year-old from Richmond, ended her tour on Apr. 14 at the Rock n Roll Hotel in D.C. The show sold out so quickly when it was announced, that they booked a second show the same night. An early show, and a late show. I went to the late show that started at 10 p.m. and ended after midnight. The three bands, all playing two sets in a short few hours, was nothing short of true musicianship.

Honestly, I was awe the entire night. The lineup was one of the most cohesive I’ve seen in a while. Adult mom opened with an upbeat, melancholy set. They mentioned how they wouldn’t be talking a lot because they were trying to get through it and play as much possible, but this slight feeling of a rushed show didn’t detract at all. Everyone in the crowd was respectful and just happy to be there, considering the late show was the one that was added.

The second band was, And The Kids. Of the three, I had never heard them before but have now added them to my playlist. Frontwoman, Hannah Mohan, has an incredible range that compliments their whimsical indie songs. One of which my friend enjoyed so much, she went up to the merchandise table after, asking which album the ‘one with screaming’ was on.

These two openers both played 20 minute sets. Within this short time there was a lot of contrast between the two bands. Adult Mom’s played a larger amount of shorter songs while, And The Kids played a few longer, but both felt satisfying neither leaving something to be desired.

Then Lucy came on. She started with one of the singles from her newest album, Historian, “Addictions”. Following this, she played her album through sequentially with that, the second track, as her starting point. It was fantastic. Her energy even after having played a set a few hours earlier seemed unaffected. This was a particularly special to be able to attend, because it was the actual last show on the tour. Dacus noted this a few times, admitting it had sunken in between the two shows that this was it, and she thanked us for being there.

For the song, “Yours & Mine” she brought out both Adult Mom, and Mohan to join her on the chorus. It was fun to see the three musicians interact, and you could tell they really connected. Dacus mentioned after how that was the first time they had done this, although, they should’ve been doing it all tour. Another special treat for the final show, I guess.

Before playing the song “Pillar of Truth”, she dedicated it to her Dad’s mother. She mentioned that he had been at the earlier show but she didn’t want to get emotional so she was dedicating it then, in almost secret way. It was a very honest moment. Throughout the entire thing, all between song commentary was genuine and fitting of someone 22, the same age I am. She herself echoes how authentic her lyrics and music are.

Following that, the penultimate song from this album, she played some classics from her last, until finishing with “Nightshift”. Although I should say ‘finishing’ with quotes since, before saying it’s her final song, she used air quotes, noting that she would play an encore. If you have never listened to her, and are going to listen to any song, it should be “Nightshift”. This is the first track on Historian, and was the first single. It is a real trip, as halfway through there is a shift melodically and tonally that pulls at the heartstrings of any listener who has ever been through a breakup.

Her encore was the last song and title track of her album, “Historian”. It was arranged with just her, no longer with a guitar, and her guitarist, the rest of the band sitting this one out. It was a somber but fitting ending for the both the show, and the tour.

The show was great, although I will admit I am somewhat biased as I was familiar and a fan of her music before going. The crowd though, was one of the most eclectic I’ve seen in a while. People from all walks of life enjoy and identify with her music. It is so personal, yet so relatable which is what has caused her to suddenly be more known after this album, compared to her first album, No Burden (which is also really good). Her album Historian is available on all streaming sites, and you can find out more