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The Blue & Gray Press | May 24, 2018

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Staff Ed: 2017-2018 editors sign off as The Blue & Gray Press greets new staff members

Staff Ed: 2017-2018 editors sign off as The Blue & Gray Press greets new staff members


This week marks the last issue of The Blue & Gray Press for the school year. As the end of the semester approaches and clubs are transitioning their officers, we at The Blue & Gray Press are doing the same.

Going into next year, only five of nine editors will be remaining on staff, due to the seniors graduating. All five of us came onboard the Blue & Gray Staff at the same time last year, along with two of the graduating seniors. Throughout this academic year, we have worked together to learn our jobs and thrive in our roles.

Many people do not understand the amount of time staff members pour into the production of the newspaper. From providing story ideas and approving pitches, to editing articles and laying out the newspaper, there is something to be done every day of the week and nearly a whole day of production is set aside for the paper. We do this not for money, credit or any other form of compensation. We do it because we love it and are proud of what we put out every week.

For this last issue of the year, our new staff is taking over and we are saying farewell to several seniors. Former Editor-in-Chief Kelly Emmrich, Online Editor Es Hethcox, News Editor Izzy Briones and Photo Editor Kyrstiane Urbaniak are all graduating. We are grateful to them for all of their contributions to the newspaper and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

The returning editors are excited to welcome our new section editors:  Kate Seltzer for News, Lucas Burkholder for Life, Grace Winfield for Viewpoints, Jack Hagn for Sports and Harry Fisher and Ronic Ngambwe for Online. Our new staff comes from a variety of different majors and are involved in a variety of different clubs and activities around campus. We know they will be good additions and will contribute to the personality and strength of the new Blue & Gray Press Staff. We will have some large shoes to fill, but with a dedication to sharing campus news with student views, we are confident that we will succeed.

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