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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Students prepare for autumn traditions across campus

Students prepare for autumn traditions across campus


Staff Writer

Sept. 22 marked the first day of autumn and the start of all the traditions and fun that come with the changing of the weather. The UMW community was eager to share their favorite things about this time of year and the traditions they uphold.

“I really love the colors and how romantic everything looks,” said senior Laura Taylor.
Junior Allison Burgess said she loves “the crisp cool air.”

The vibrant colors and chill in the air create an atmosphere of simultaneous contentment and anticipation.

With the changing temperature comes the changing of lifestyle.

Senior Kurt Riesbeck said he likes the season because he’s “able to wear warm weather clothes but it not be freezing out. Also the seasonal beer.”

T-shirts and shorts can be traded for cozy sweaters and pants, and ice-cold lemonade can be replaced by hot chocolate.

Aeriana Mann said she enjoys “low humidity, apple picking, pumpkin spice everything, college and high school football, leaves changing colors, having the windows open in the house, and Thanksgiving food.”

This time of year is vibrant not just because of the color of the leaves, but also the pastimes commonly associated with the season. Excitement and passion are injected into the air by spectators of football and college soccer games as they cheer their team.

Halloween is on Oct. 31, the last day of the month, and many people await this holiday with great anticipation.

“Decorating for Halloween,” is one of the things Emily Knerr loves about the season.
The holiday offers people the opportunity to forget their responsibilities and become lost in the moment for a short while. It can be a great bonding experience between new and old friends as everyone strives to create a unique costume and make great memories.

Riesbeck said he also enjoys “making costumes for Halloween.”

Traditions can make any place feel like home, as they give a sense of routine and normalcy, something people can depend on.

Mann said her traditions for the season are “getting a pumpkin spice latte or frappuccino, apple picking, making apple pie or pumpkin pie, friendsgiving.”

Knerr said she goes “apple picking and pumpkin picking with friends/family.”
This was echoed by Taylor, who said, “When I was growing up, my family and I would choose a pumpkin and then carve it together.”

When asked about traditions at UMW, Burgess said she looks forward to “Thanksgiving at the UC.”
Creating traditions so far from family allows students to feel at home in a new place.

Spring has a feeling of rejuvenation, autumn has a feeling of change. The season is welcomed after a blistering hot summer, but some people wish it lasted longer.

“I don’t like that it doesn’t last long and seems to get cold really quickly,” said Knerr.

“It means winter is next and not a big fan of winter,” said Riesbeck.

Though it is a beautiful time of year full of vibrancy and mild weather, it soon gives way to chilling winds an