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The Blue & Gray Press | December 11, 2018

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Staff Ed: Voter turn-out reaches new high in Virginia

Staff Ed: Voter turn-out reaches new high in Virginia


Nov. 6 was Election Day of midterm elections all over the country, and voter turnout was impressively high in many areas. Many states and cities are reporting much higher percentages of voter turnout in comparison to previous years, and some states, such as Washington and Michigan, are reporting record-shattering numbers. The 2018 election has even broken the record for early-voter turnout for non-presidential elections, with 36 million Americans voting early.

In Virginia, the voter turnout is reportedly higher than the 2014 midterm elections, jumping from 33% to 36%. Voter turnout has been reported to be unexpectedly high in areas such as Prince George County. The Blue and Gray Staff is glad to see that voter turnout in Virginia is improving, especially for non-presidential elections.

The right to vote is a great privilege, and it is important to exercise it, especially in smaller-scale elections such as these. Unfortunately, many Americans take the right to vote for granted, thinking that any election that is not presidential is insignificant and not worth their time of day. But choosing who we want to represent us in Congress is no small matter, and we should treat it with the same significance we give to presidential elections. It is our right to choose who we want to represent us in government, and we owe it to ourselves and our country to take full advantage of that right. We here at the Blue and Gray Press hope that UMW students will continue utilizing their right to choose who they wish to represent them in government, and understand that voting is as much a responsibility as it is a right.

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