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Woman’s lacrosse climbs national standings to #4

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By NICOLETTE VALLEE Staff Writer The UMW women’s lacrosse team has had another impressive beginning to their season, with an overall record of 8-1.

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The UMW women’s lacrosse team has had another impressive beginning to their season, with an overall record of 8-1. Throughout their time here, the current senior class has experienced growth of the program, thanks to the head coach, Caitlin Moore.

Coach Moore has an impressive legacy at UMW. The university website describes her as “one of the greatest players in UMW women’s lacrosse history.” She graduated as Mary Washington’s career leader in points (303), single season record holder in points (143), as well as assists (81). This past month, Moore was honored for these achievements and inducted into the UMW Athletic Hall of Fame. 

This collegiate background helped shape her coaching success. From the time she began her coaching career here at UMW, Moore has given the women’s lacrosse team national prominence. The women’s lacrosse team has made it to the NCAA tournament the past four years, and even made the sweet sixteen last year. 

In addition to Moore, the team has been doing well because of the many talented women that make up the team. 

“It is all because of the talented student athletes with a strong work ethic. We have a great team culture that requires daily attention, and a little bit of fun. There are some big personalities with this crew,” said Moore.

Senior captain, Hope Lockwood, said “Coach Moore conditions us to know exactly what to do on the field and off of it. We all want the same thing, and that is to get as far as we can while maintaining a strong team. Since freshman year we have become accustomed to the expectations of this program, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.”

In order to advance as far as they have from the past year, there have been some changes on the field for the benefit of the team. 

Senior Savannah Boyd said, “Not only has our coach built up our confidence, she also transformed our offense since my freshman year. She focused on our individual strengths, and made us unscoutable.”

The women’s team balances practice, weight-lifting, classes, internships and jobs, as well as other activities. It can be difficult to handle all of those pressures, while still being a honorable student-athlete. 

When asked about the school-lacrosse balance, sophomore player Kate Sovero said, “It was pretty nerve-racking coming in freshman year. But my upperclassmen and coach helped me understand the standards and I got used to it very quickly. It doesn’t seem like a lot when we’re having so much fun and have so much support surrounding you.” 

This past Saturday, the women’s lacrosse team had a huge win over Roanoke with a score of 19-7. Their next game is Saturday, March 23 against Meredith College at 3 p.m. at the UMW Battleground.

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