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The Blue & Gray Press | May 21, 2019

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Taste test: chocolate chip cookies on campus, ranked

Taste test: chocolate chip cookies on campus, ranked



Upon discovering nearly every dining location on campus sells chocolate chip cookies, and that they are actually different, I did the only logical next step- set out to find the best chocolate chip cookies on campus. After purchasing cookies from five different locations, the Blue & Gray Press editorial staff reviewed them with a special focus on texture, taste and overall experience.

1. Qdoba

Cost: $0.79

Situated in a basket by the registers of Qdoba, these chocolate chunk cookies are always warm with a gooey center and crunchy outside. If you wait for them to get cold, they become chewier in the center. With a good amount of well spaced chocolate chunks, these cookies have a well balanced and long-lasting flavor. They are also conveniently placed in the center of campus and cost less than the other cookies. The cookies are not huge, but this is also a good way to avoid the post too much sugar sickness.

2. Vocelli Pizza

Cost: $2.99 or 1 meal for 6 cookies

In a shocking twist, Vocelli’s cookies are no longer my favorite. While I still appreciate their large and nicely distributed chocolate chips and chewy center, they fall short of Qdoba cookies. However, they are nice for sharing since they come in a 6-pack, and for using up extra meal swipes. Pro tip- use the microwave by the drink dispensers to warm your cookies.

3. Underground Cafe and Simply To Go

Cost: $2.19

While we were not able to confirm this, we have strong suspicions the chocolate chip cookies from the Underground and Simply To Go are from the same supplier. They appear to be identical- rather large with small chocolate chips. They are the most buttery of the cookies we sampled, and surprisingly soft in the center considering the crumbly edges. We decided Simply To Go had a slightly better batch because the texture of the Underground cookies was a little reminiscent of Play-Doh. They could be improved with more chocolate chips. They have a good flavor, but you feel a little sick by the time you finish the whole thing. The overall experience at Simply To Go is better as the cookies are always warm and you get to buy them from Dora, who is guaranteed to brighten your day.

4. Blackstone

Cost: $2.25

After much deliberation, we have decided that the chocolate chunk cookies from Blackstone are probably sugar cookies with chocolate chunks in them. While they do look like chocolate chip cookies, albeit rather large and unusually flat, they taste and smell exactly like sugar cookies. They even have a sugary glaze. While unexpected, they are still tasty and typically sell out many hours before closing. There are not enough chocolate chunks, however, and they’re weirdly chewy while still gritty and crumbly. They are significantly better if you ask for them to be heated. Some baristas automatically offer this and some do not.

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