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The Blue & Gray Press | November 20, 2017

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The award-winning student newspaper at the University of Mary Washington.

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Underuse An Issue For Parking Deck

February 1, 2007 |


It was an early Tuesday afternoon and the recently-opened parking deck at the University of Mary Washington resembled a ghost town. The first and second levels of the garage had only ten cars parked in them combined, … Read More

Mace Now Banned On Campus

February 1, 2007 |


On a campus whose devotion to safety is as evident as the blue lights on every corner, some would be surprised to learn that mace and pepper spray are strictly prohibited in dining and residence halls. This … Read More

UMW Buys Up The Block

February 1, 2007 |


After two years sitting vacant, the $2.5 million home on the corner of College Avenue and William St. may soon have an owner: the University of Mary Washington. On Tuesday, sellers accepted the contract for the house … Read More

Rescue Officials Overlook Treed Cat, Students Step In

February 1, 2007 |


A UMW student may face charges for not complying with campus police after trying to rescue a cat from a tree on campus on Sunday, Jan. 21. Sophomore Jeff May had volunteered to ascend a tree after … Read More

Bogey’s Offers Beer, Flare, Music And More

February 1, 2007 |

By STEFANIE SKY It was another Tuesday and another bar for eight UMW ladies celebrating another girl’s night out. The bar of choice this week, Bogey’s in Central Park. My three roommates, Taylor, Lindsey and I started off our evening at … Read More

Students Collect Over 150 Shoes For Africa

February 1, 2007 |


Senior Dustin McDonald gets a daily reminder of his charitable cause when he opens his closet every morning only to see more than 100 pairs of shoes piled to the ceiling.  As he walks through his apartment … Read More

Punxsutawney Phil: The Groundhog, the Myth, the Legend

February 1, 2007 |


Students at the University of Mary Washington who are still hoping for a snow day may be disappointed on Feb. 2. Groundhog Day is a festival celebrated throughout the world.  According to tradition, a groundhog ventures outside … Read More

Living Learning Programs to See Changes In Residence Hall Policies

February 1, 2007 |


The International Living Center, which has been in Framar House since 1997, may be relocated. The program, now called Living Learning Communities (LLC), requires students to complete a new process to remain in their assigned residence halls. … Read More

Mute Math Leaps Over Competition

February 1, 2007 |


Jaw dropping, ridiculous and incredible are the musical experience that is MUTEMATH.  For those that already listen to them: congratulations on operating ahead of the musical curve. For those that haven’t heard of them: buying their self-titled … Read More

Top 5: Reasons For Class Cancellations

February 1, 2007 |


1. Zombie Attack

These undead losers can make getting to class a pretty annoying inconvenience. First of all, you have to understand the potential consequences of venturing outside in the middle of a zombie attack. If anyone … Read More

The Spotlight: "Sex Pockets" by Digital Underground

February 1, 2007 |

By ALEX BEMISH What it is:

The masterpiece of oft-overlooked Bay Area hip-hop crew Digital Underground, most famous for “Humpty Hump” and backup dancer Tupac Shakur.

Why you should care:

Hailing from Oakland, Calif., Digital Underground were one of the … Read More

Professor Displays Art in DuPont

February 1, 2007 |


Less than one year after Claudia Emerson, associate professor of English, made headlines by earning the Pulitzer Prize for her book of poetry, “Late Wife,” another University of Mary Washington professor has earned acclaim of his own.  … Read More

GRE and Pash Rock Downtown Fredericksburg

February 1, 2007 |


Rocking long into the night, University of Mary Washington bands Pash, Jinxed at Twelve and Grave-Robbing Extravaganza (GRE) shook The Loft in downtown Fredericksburg to its very foundation on Jan. 18. Organized by Jinxed at Twelve, Pash … Read More

Frisbee Team Returns

April 22, 2006 |


Lazlo’s Weenie World may not mean very much to most people, but there are a group of frisbee players who see it as the core of their lives.

Hugh Lowry, ’77 alum, and his wife, Mary, … Read More