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The Blue & Gray Press | September 25, 2017

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UMW students help each other “Out of the Darkness”

September 29, 2016 | 1


Two UMW students on their relationship with late friend, Scott Houk (“You’ve never seen two guys more platonically in love”)… the Fredericksburg community’s turnout on Sunday, Sept. 25 at the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk (“I think it’s also important to note the sheer number of people who were at the walk today”)… and the accessability of UMW’s student counseling services.Read More

Be realistic: your protest vote will not work

September 28, 2016 |


In the wake of the Bernie Sanders campaign, the anti-Hillary “Bernie or Bust” movement began to gain support, with members pledging responses ranging from writing in Sanders’ name on Election Day to abstaining from voting altogether.Read More

The iPhone 7: Apple’s courageous step backwards

September 21, 2016 |


Apple’s keynote presentation on Sept. 7, 2016 confirmed the rumors: the 3.5mm audio jack is out, anti-consumerism is in. It seems that quite a lot of people are willing to put up with inconvenience for the sake of a brand, which sets a precedent for companies successfully ditching universality in favor of greed.

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This junior’s declassified school survival guide

September 21, 2016 |


I am sure all of you freshmen have been hearing advice from plenty of different people on how to “survive” your first year at the University of Mary Washington. I assure you that you will survive, but surviving and thriving are two different things. If you want to “thrive” as a freshman and make the most of these first two semesters, I have some tips you will want to pay close attention to. These are just some things I have picked up during my time here at UMW.Read More

Editorial: “The Falling Man” photo spurs comment on journalistic integrity

September 15, 2016 |


This week our nation honored the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Across the country American’s shared their thoughts and prayers online, often accompanied by a commemorative photo. Many famous photos from the 9/11 attacks emerged, however one in particular, when originally published, caused quite a stir in the American people.Read More

Editorial: Journalism caught in crossfire of social media outrage

September 15, 2016 |


We at The Blue & Gray Press welcome our readers to a new year of us serving the University of Mary Washington. With classes well under way, it’s high time to say goodbye to summer, and what a summer it was.Read More

Having sex is a choice, getting your period is not

September 15, 2016 |


While the University of Mary Washington, or as others sometimes jokingly refer to it, the University of Mostly Women, provides a surplus of free condoms to promote safe sex, it does very little to address the needs of anyone with a uterus and ovaries during “that” time of the month.Read More

Campus dining’s big missed steak

September 15, 2016 |


The University of Mary Washington is one of the best schools and communities someone could be a part of, in my opinion, and I believe the majority of my classmates would agree. Our school has a great campus, a caring staff, administrators, faculty and countless opportunities for students.Read More

Transfers struggling to find community on campus

September 15, 2016 |


Transferring to a new school is similar to being a teenager; both involve being caught in the middle of a major transition. As neither a freshman nor a veteran, people are quick to assume that if you are a new student, you are a freshman, which can get very annoying.Read More

Family Weekend 2016: Animal House opens its doors to parents

September 15, 2016 |


Traditions have been a part of the University of Mary Washington’s campus culture since its founding in 1908. A few of our school’s most prevalent traditions include the Ring Ceremony, Devil-Goat Day, Eagle Gathering and Thanksgiving dinner. The most important one, in my opinion, is Family Weekend.Read More

University of Mostly… Whites? UMW students fall victim to false advertising

September 14, 2016 | 22


If you were to take a random sample of the freshmen on Move-In day and compare it to the students in photographs from the University of Mary Washington brochures and pamphlets, you may or may not be surprised to see that the number of minority students featured in our school’s marketing materials is a gross over-representation of the diversity on campus. UMW has fallen victim to the phenomenon of “minority branding.”Read More

Tour de Sunken: the injustice feeding my fear

September 7, 2016 | 1


My head whips around, giving me a good view of the street over my shoulder as I unchain my bike from the rack. It is late and I’m exposed, standing all by myself under the last significant light source I will see until I get home. I mount my bike and ride down to Sunken Road where the lighting is minimal and the street eerie.Read More

Party school rankings are out: did Mary Wash make the cut?

September 7, 2016 |


Many factors take part in the process of choosing a college. While finding the perfect school, people may consider the size of the student body, the programs offered by the school and class sizes.Read More

Freshmen feeling over-oriented

September 7, 2016 |


In what felt like the blink of an eye, move in day arrived for the class of 2020. It was a day full of mixed emotions. As a freshman myself, I was both excited over the journey to come and nervous about leaving home. But there was one feeling in particular that was shared by every member of the class of 2020 providing a sense of unity amongst us; we were all beyond ecstatic to be on UMW’s beautiful campus.Read More

EpiPen prices soar, executive salaries soar higher

September 7, 2016 |


One of my cousins has a peanut allergy and carries an EpiPen at all times. I am incredibly thankful that she comes from a family that can afford to pay Mylan’s obscene prices. Mylan N.V. is an American global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company registered in the Netherlands. They focus on providing EpiPens to people with severe allergies. There are roughly 15 million people with food allergies in the United States including one out of every 13 children, which is approximately two per classroom.

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We all may be a little narcissistic, but why are young people being punished for it?

April 14, 2016 |


The current generation of teenagers have been bemoaned for years by some who believe that teenagers have become that much more self-involved and self-absorbed than generations before, due in part to the exploding trend of selfies on social media, making behavior from teenagers that much more public.Read More

Controversial book topics necessary to prepare for college experience

April 14, 2016 |


Letting high-school students look at controversial topics and giving them responsibility to judge these topics on their own is something that is extremely important because it prepares them for the college experience.
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Ability to access campus denied to disabled students

April 13, 2016 |


Disabled students attending the University of Mary Washington know that, in some ways, accommodations on campus are sorely lacking. While I have never had issues with academic accommodations and have always found my professors to be very understanding about disabilities, campus is often physically impossible to navigate for students with mobility impairments.Read More

Uber transportation potentially dangerous for students

April 6, 2016 |


Uber has become increasingly popular among individuals looking for the easiest way to get around a city. College students have begun to capitalize on the use of Uber as a “safe” and easy way to get home from a night out that may have ended in a little too much to drink, but how safe is Uber?
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Amphitheater renovation unnecessary, removes historical character

April 6, 2016 |


Despite being such a little-visited part of campus, the amphitheater has recently come to the forefront of the minds of the student body. This is mostly due to the unfortunate accident that occurred to a female student.
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Non-traditional students desire more recognition on campus

April 6, 2016 |


Everyone has their own unique college experience, but being a non-traditional student can create a negative experience. Some students are transfers, commuters, full-time career- building family providers – some are like me: a 23 years old, newly married, transfer, commuter, and full-time student. That’s a lot to handle sometimes.Read More

Courteous students make walks to class easier

March 31, 2016 | 1


You know what I love about University of Mary Washington students? I love their willingness to share. Couches, study rooms, computers, but most of all, the sidewalk. There has not been a day over the past four years when I have been body slammed by chicks and bros. Like the parting of the Red Sea, every student on this campus courteously stays to the right, ensuring that every student is able to use the sidewalk and not just a group of biddies and their Vera Bradley backpacks.Read More

No more waiting around, UMW needs divestment now

March 31, 2016 |


As responsive as the University of Mary Washington says it is, it has been two years since the university has answered the pleas of DivestUMW students. Finally there is some hope for students of DivestUMW because the subcommittee of President Hurley’s Council on Sustainability has researched the advantages of divesting.
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Letter to the Editor: DiversAbility Club

March 31, 2016 |


For people in the United States who live with a disability – the nation’s largest minority group at 19 percent according to the 2012 census – our country that promises to be the land of opportunity often feels more like a land of oppression. For students who are disabled simply attending classes on campus or living in the dorms can be a constant struggle. DiversAbility, the club for students on campus with disabilities or chronic health conditions, meets weekly to discuss topics related to disability advocacy, studies, or simply every-day living.Read More

Letter to the Editor: The Blue & Gray Press should be daily paper

March 31, 2016 |


In the tradition of many newspapers across the United States, I’d propose that The Blue & Gray Press become a daily newspaper.
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Endorsement from Carson to Trump may sacrifice trust from supporters

March 24, 2016 |


Endorsement from Carson may come at sacrifice to trust from supporters Former presidential candidate Ben Carson announced that he would be endorsing current candidate Donald Trump on Friday, March 11, a decision I believe has cost Carson the trust he established with his voters by supporting a candidate who, so far, has seemed to share little in common with Carson’s own moral beliefs.Read More

Pepper spray, mace necessity on college campus, need policy change now

March 24, 2016 | 2


I think that if the university allows pepper spray and mace in residence halls that sexual assaults on our campus will greatly diminish.Read More

Queer: questionable umbrella term needs to be left behind?

March 24, 2016 | 4


In recent years, ‘queer’ has been used as an umbrella term for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. I would like to ask: “should it be?”Read More

Higher standards should be held for club leaders, club athletes

March 24, 2016 |


We’ve all seen those movies where the athletes are the life of the party and get away with every problem or issue that might be a result of the actions from the raging night they’ve had. But from past issues that have happened at the University of Mary Washington dealing with varsity athletes and non-collegiate athletes, every year the same debate arises.
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Yes means yes, or no? Affirmative consent put into question

March 17, 2016 | 2

By Elizabeth Brantley

Knowing the difference between right and wrong is something that humanity should take pride in understanding. Most of us seem to know a red light means stop, stealing is wrong and punching a beehive is a one-way ticket to a bad time. Despite this, one concept seems to continue to elude humanity’s grasp: consent.Read More