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The Blue & Gray Press | September 25, 2017

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Going Green: $8.5 Mil Energy Conservation Effort Underway

October 25, 2007 |


Since 2005, school officials say UMW has spent $8.5 million on renovations to reduce energy consumption, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and to make the campus “green” in other ways. The University of Mary Washington joined with NORESCO, an … Read More

Mission Abort

October 25, 2007 |


Last Thursday, hundreds of Mary Washington students assembled in response to a graphic four-hour anti-abortion demonstration by an off-campus group in Ball Circle—some rubbernecking, others heartily protesting. Approximately 35 members of Life and Liberty Ministries, … Read More

Luxury Homes Left Empty

October 11, 2007 |


The two luxury homes the University of Mary Washington bought last school year for a combined $3.2 million have been sitting empty since January, when the university acquired them. School officials have allocated $350,000 to renovate the houses … Read More

Going Down?

October 11, 2007 |


Oct. 1- At 6:12 a.m., three UMW housekeepers requested emergency assistance from inside the Combs Hall elevator after the machine would not respond to repeated attempts to open the door.  Another housekeeper was able to open the door … Read More

Police Beat

October 11, 2007 |


Oct. 2- At 3:19 p.m., an officer on bike patrol reported activating his lights to pull over a 21-year-old male commuting student who had allegedly violated state one-way traffic code by exiting the inbound lane on double-drive on … Read More

Prof. Begins Fellowship

October 11, 2007 |


Out of a pool of 50 applicants, only eight were selected to receive the prestigious Jennings Randolph Fellowship from the United States Institute of Peace this year. UMW history professor Nabil al-Tikriti was one of them. The D.C.-based … Read More

More Offices On The Move

October 11, 2007 |


Last year the University of Mary Washington spent approximately $190,000 to rent office space a mile off campus at the intersection of Rt. 1 and Rt. 3. This year that figure has jumped to a quarter of a … Read More

UMW Says No to HPV Shot: Admins. Deem Vaccine too Costly

October 11, 2007 |


A number of Virginia schools administer the HPV vaccine on their campuses, but once again this year the University of Mary Washington will not be one of them. UMW women will also find birth control more difficult to … Read More

Spirit Rock v2.0

October 11, 2007 |

University of Mary Washington students have found a more noticeable advertising space than the campus’ traditional spirit rock, painting club messages and event postings on the wooden fence in front of Lee Hall. “Instead of fighting over the spirit rock, … Read More

Deck to be Rebuilt

October 11, 2007 |


University of Mary Washington officials have closed the Eagle’s Nest deck indefinitely due to fire safety and structural concerns, leaving students with few outside dining options. General manager of Dining Services, John Dering says some students have started … Read More

UMW Offers Low-Cost Child Care

October 4, 2007 |


For decades, UMW’s faculty and staff have lobbied for on-site child care. Finally, this fall, the University implemented an alternative program, subsidizing openings at a nearby day care center for children of full time UMW employees. According … Read More

Plain White T’s at Rocktoberfest: Food Drive for Tickets to Show in Dodd This Afternoon in Washroom

October 4, 2007 |


The “Plain White Tease” is over, and Giant Productions and Class Council have announced the chart-topping band as this year’s Rocktoberfest headliner. Due to rain, the show, also featuring the bands Ill Scarlet and The Hint, has been moved … Read More

Police Beat

October 4, 2007 |


Sep.  24-At 3:10 p.m., a 20-year-old male Mason Hall resident informed police that his blue equestrian jacket, valued at $250, went missing from his room sometime between Sept. 21 and Sept. 22.  There are no suspects or witnesses … Read More

Seeing Red

October 4, 2007 |


Outraged University of Mary Washington junior Channon Fulton launched a week-long protest on Monday at the university’s fountain and in her classes to spread racism awareness, painting her visible skin from head to toe in red body paint … Read More

On-Campus Rx

October 4, 2007 |


Last year, students seeking medicine had to trek to Giant or CVS to get their prescription filled. This year they only have to walk as far as Mercer Hall. The UMW Health Center now stocks generic antibiotics in … Read More

UMW Profs. Least-Paid, Va.

October 4, 2007 |


Assistant professors at the University of Mary Washington are the lowest paid assistant professors at any of the 14 public four-year colleges in Virginia, earning on average $48,000 a year, according to a recent national survey. Their earnings … Read More

Budget Losses Under Control

October 4, 2007 |


The University of Mary Washington is reducing its budgetary expenses by $1,638,822, in an effort to compensate for a 6.25 percent cut in state appropriations. On Aug. 20, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine announced to the General Assembly his … Read More

Staff Editorial: TV or not TV?

September 27, 2007 |

If we had a flatscreen TV in the Bullet office, and it could talk, we would ask it, “Where are you going, TV?”  Sometimes TV serves us up some of the most depressing, soul-demolishing nonsense we’ve ever seen, and then, … Read More

Washroom Fees on the Rise

September 27, 2007 |


This year at Mary Washington games at the Washroom went from costing one dollar per game to one dollar per game per hour, and students are not happy about it.

“That’s screwed up,” said … Read More

UMW Buys Third Campus

September 27, 2007 |


UMW has appropriated $2 million to buy 22 acres near the Dahlgren Naval Research base in King George County to build a new educational and research facility.

University officials say the branch-which Mary Washington would operate, but … Read More

Police Beat

September 27, 2007 |


Sept. 18- At 7:50 a.m., Student Activities Director Joe Mollo reported that a Toshiba laptop computer belonging to the University had been stolen from his office between Sept. 13 and Sept. 15.  Police entered the $800 computer’s … Read More

Sports Center Plans Underway

September 27, 2007 |

BY SARAH FINNEY The University of Mary Washington has revived plans to build a 2,700-seat athletic facility in the parking area in front of Goolrick Hall. Varsity basketball and volleyball teams will play their games in the new building, which … Read More

Goolrick Fields Face Upgrades

September 27, 2007 |


Sunday mornings during football season, senior Megan McCrum walks behind the parking deck to the field by Route 1 to play intramural flag football, oftentimes coming back covered in mud if the game is the day after … Read More

Ex-President Gets Second DUI

September 27, 2007 |


Former UMW President William Frawley was found guilty Friday in Fairfax County of Driving While Intoxicated—his second drunk driving conviction of the week.

A Fairfax judge ordered Frawley to serve 30 days in jail, but immediately suspended … Read More

Costs of Drinking Up: School Profits off Student Drinking

September 27, 2007 |


The University is cracking down on student drinking with stiffer penalties, including never-before-seen fines for violators of the school’s alcohol policies.

Last year a student convicted of an alcohol violation might face a research paper or community … Read More

New Gen-Eds Ahead

September 20, 2007 |


Starting next fall, incoming freshmen and rising sophomores might no longer have to take physical education, freshman composition, and three of the five current across-the-curriculum requirements in order to graduate.

If a major revision to the schools’ … Read More

RA/HR Money Mix-up

September 20, 2007 |

BY JUSTIN TONEY Approximately one fourth of the University’s Residence Assistants and Head Residents could not receive paychecks for the pay period between August 6 and 27, forcing the Office of Financial Aid to make institutional loan money available for … Read More

Shake-up in OSACS

September 20, 2007 |


All four members of the Student Activities and Community Services staff from last academic year are gone, including former director Lee Cotton, terminated at the end of spring semester 2007.

The school replaced Cotton, who left after … Read More

Frawley Pleads Guilty: Former UMW President Convicted of DUI Tuesday

September 20, 2007 |


On Tuesday, former University President William J. Frawley pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Fredericksburg.  He faces another drunk-driving charge tomorrow in Fairfax County.

The Fredericksburg District Court Judge suspended Frawley’s license for one … Read More

Network and Gamers Try to Coexist

September 13, 2007 |


For the first week that junior Ben Smith and his roommate tried to log on to their online gaming accounts, the University of Mary Washington’s network security blocked the connection. “My roommate and I threw a hissy … Read More