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The Blue & Gray Press | October 16, 2018

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Staff Editorial

Texting and Smoking Bans Need Beefing Up

March 26, 2009 |

Laws and rules affect college students in many ways, from the classroom syllabus to getting arrested for not-so-brilliant weekend decisions.

In these first few months 2009, several laws have been passed by the Virginia General Assembly that will surely have … Read More

Staff Editorial: Does Facebook Deserve the Rights to Your Photos?

February 26, 2009 |

Earlier this month, Facebook, the social-networking site on steroids, instituted an addition to their privacy act in their terms of service agreement that rightfully sent many users into a small panic.

Facebook was immediately claiming total licensing and ownership of … Read More

Staff Editorial: Eagles' Nest Late Night Needs Practical Change

February 19, 2009 |

The Late Night food service at the Nest has started checking IDs and giving wristbands to prevent underage drinking in the Eagles’ Nest.

While preventing underage drinking is a reasonable and expected goal for the University, this new policy does … Read More

Staff Editorial: Avoiding Sterotypings during Black History Month

February 5, 2009 |

February is Black History Month, and UMW is very prepared.

There is a schedule full of events that are supposed to speak to Mary Washington students of all races about the history and culture of the black community.

And seeing … Read More

A Trailer is not a Proper Classroom

February 5, 2009 |

At a time when leaders are making sacrifices in Washington, on Wall Street and during plane crashes on the Hudson River, it’s time for the UMW administration to follow suit.

To show your leadership, we have a modest proposal: put … Read More

Where Will Clinton Fit in Obama’s Plan?

November 20, 2008 |

Word on the street is that President-elect Barack Obama’s administration is vetting Hillary Clinton for secretary of state. If that’s not a blow to Clinton’s ego, we’re not really sure what would be. After eight years as First Lady and … Read More

United We Should Stand

November 6, 2008 |

On Tuesday night, UMW held its breath with the rest of America to see who would be elected as the country’s 44th president. Candidates spent millions of dollars on campaigning, people representing numerous political ideologies did their best to persuade … Read More

The Bullet, Along with Diddy, Wants you to Vote

October 30, 2008 |

In the immortal words of a t-shirt worn by (P.) Diddy in 2004: “Vote or Die.”

Whether you’ve been registered for years, or just filled out an application to get an obnoxious canvasser on campus walk to leave you alone, … Read More

Police Owe the Bullet and UMW an Explanation

October 23, 2008 |

Two weeks ago, the Police Beat had its dream story.

Close to 3000 copies of the Bullet were taken from their drop-off location and thrown in the dumpster behind the Woodard Campus Center. UMW Police have come up with no … Read More

Eagle’s Nest Satisfies

October 9, 2008 |

At last!

The beautiful, glorious moment of truth that every middle school, high school and college student dreams of has come.

No, not graduation. That can wait.

We’re referring to the discovery of a cockroach, or Periplaneta americana, in a … Read More

Saturday’s Rally Is a Victory for UMW

October 2, 2008 |

Last Saturday’s rally for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden was more than just recitation of stale political rhetoric. While Obama and Biden’s speeches were laden with stale references to the middle class and change, … Read More

Dwindling Economy will Affect Job-Seekers

September 18, 2008 |

The slow economy has its effects on everyone, including students and faculty at the University of Mary Washington.

Paychecks stay without raises, but food and gas prices are on a teeter-tottering incline.

Though the price per barrel fell briefly toward … Read More

Pop-Culture Columnist Releases Debut Novel

September 11, 2008 |


Tired of the age-old “So a guy walks into a bar…” joke? Imagine if that joke was your life every night in a small North Dakota faming town, where you have nothing to do but drink … Read More

Staff Editorial

September 11, 2008 |

To push America towards a greener future, President Obama plans to subsidize the production of corn-based ethanol fuel. The new fuel is supposed to stop our dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs in the Midwest. … Read More

Staff Editorial

March 13, 2008 |

OK, pranksters, put down the water balloons, lose the joy buzzers, and listen up.

We know this week is Junior Ring Week and next Tuesday is April Fool’s Day, but that’s no reason for anybody to go overboard with the … Read More

Staff Editorial

November 1, 2007 |

There are major conflicts at this school, and not just the ones that come along with course registration when you are picking your classes. It seems like every single person within a major thinks that every other major is a … Read More

Staff Editorial

October 25, 2007 |

It’s that time of year again—there’s a certain chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors, the wind is blowing fiercely, and…wait. That’s not right. There’s humidity in the air, but certainly no chill. And the last time we … Read More

Staff Editorial

October 11, 2007 |

Something happened on campus last Friday that was so extraordinary we almost thought we had been transported to another dimension, or at least to another college. You showed up. After a week of midterm stress and paper angst, almost 1,000 … Read More

Staff Editorial

September 20, 2007 |

“The Juice is loose,” or it was, until last week.

O.J. Simpson better pray he can resurrect Johnnie Cochran sometime within the next couple months. This time he is behind bars for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, … Read More