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The Blue & Gray Press | April 20, 2018

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Act, Speak, Build

April 3, 2008 |

By Annie Kinniburgh

As part of national Act! Speak! Build! Week, the UMW chapter of Habitat for Humanity and Community Outreach and Resources (COAR) teamed up to raise awareness about the problem of homelessness. COAR, the largest volunteer and … Read More

Saketinis and Scholarships

April 3, 2008 |

By Andrea Nealon

On Dec. 21, Lauren Orsini had a strawberry saketini to celebrate her 21st birthday.  She was also celebrating the fact that Associate Professor of English Claudia Emerson had just informed her via e-mail that she was … Read More

Dancing With The Students

April 3, 2008 |

By Kat Saunders

Alex Lindemann can’t dance anymore, yet she is one of the most recognizable members of the student run Performing Arts Club. The Mary Washington junior had multiple surgeries on her ankles, beginning in high school.  She’s ripped … Read More

You Go, Girl!: Feminist Speaks at UMW

April 3, 2008 |

By Lauren Jurgensen

Jessica Valenti thinks that feminism is the hippest accessory a young woman can have today – it’s never going to go out of fashion.

The blogger, who came to Great Hall last Wednesday, March 26, as … Read More

Senior's Farewell

April 3, 2008 |

By Andrea Nealon

It’s 9:15 on a Tuesday night in Goolrick Hall, and although the building closes in less half an hour, you can hear a symphony of music, dance, and laughter coming from the dance studios in the … Read More

The Spotlight: 'Warpaint' by The Black Crowes

April 3, 2008 |

By Landon James

The Black Crowes have hatched another egg after seven years of hibernation in a tumultuous winter of band quarrels and disagreements.

The group came together to release “Warpaint” on March 3, 2008, and Rolling Stone Magazine describes … Read More

Is Spears Back on Top?

April 3, 2008 |

By Charlotta Jarborg

Admit it. You miss Britney.

Whether you want to call it a mini-comeback or not, most of us probably do want to see Britney do well – for her sanity, for her kids, for her happiness, and … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Feminism is as Necessary as Ever

March 27, 2008 |

The following letter was written in response to “This March, No Need for Women to March” (March 13, 2008, The Bullet):

Dear Editor:

It seems that every March there is an inevitable “why women’s history month is unnecessary” or “how … Read More

Susannigans: Forever Young

March 27, 2008 |

Stepping over the chipped Mardi Gras beads that floated in puddles of beer, I absorbed the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street.

It was my first time in New Orleans, and I was surrounded by nudie bars, bombastic jazz, and … Read More


March 27, 2008 |


Did you know that some people find it a turn-on to wear diapers?

Did you know that there are a whole slew of terms out there to refer to those who enjoy role playing in diapers?

Did … Read More

"One-Strike" Policy is Due to Strike Out

March 27, 2008 |


The following letter was distributed to various   administrators on campus:

We, the members of the Students for a Democratic Society, as well as we, the majority of the students of UMW, are concerned about the university’s one-strike … Read More

Staff Editorial

March 27, 2008 |

OK, pranksters, put down the water balloons, lose the joy buzzers, and listen up.

We know this week is Junior Ring Week and next Tuesday is April Fool’s Day, but that’s no reason for anybody to go overboard with the … Read More

UMW Sports Rally for Causes

March 27, 2008 |


Ten ponytails a year.

That’s what head coach of the men’s basketball team, Rod Wood, hopes to achieve each year during the men’s and women’s basketball teams annual Locks of Love fundraiser.

In addition to the basketball … Read More

FARTLEK Keeps Swimmers Focused

March 27, 2008 |


At 5:10 a.m. it’s still dark outside. After the grating sound of the alarm clock forces me out of bed and into my UMW sweats that smell faintly of Gain and chlorine, I grab a bottle of … Read More

Baseball Falls in Nailbiter

March 27, 2008 |


Until the sixth inning, the Mary Washington Eagles were in cruise control, leading 4-0 against visiting Catholic University. Starting pitcher Zach Hendrix had pitched five scoreless innings, allowing only four hits. Then the wheels fell off.

The … Read More

UMW Celebrates 100

March 27, 2008 |


On March 14, the University of Mary Washington hosted the Centennial Convocation Ceremony in honor of Founder’s Day. Noted historian and author David McCullough delivered the Centennial Address to the University faculty and representatives … Read More

Protest Keeps the Peace

March 27, 2008 |


A group of protesters from the American Life League convened outside of George Washington Hall March 21 in response to the scheduled Great Lives lecture on the life of Margaret Sanger, an early birth control advocate.

In … Read More

Police Beat

March 27, 2008 |


Feb. 16- At 1:30 a.m., an officer on foot patrol observed an intoxicated male on the foot of the stairs between Brent and Russell Hall. Jason Daniel Malcom was arrested for being drunk in public.

Feb. 24- … Read More

Club Trades Bulbs for the Environment

March 27, 2008 |


UMW students saved 57 alpine forests last semester by participating in the Ecology Club’s light bulb exchange.

From Nov. 6 to Nov. 14, the club exchanged 1600 incandescent light bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs.

According … Read More

Student Granted Fulbright

March 27, 2008 |


During his time at UMW, senior Justin Simeone took participation in extracurricular activities to a new level.

His hard work paid off recently, when he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship that will allow him to earn his … Read More

$800K Art Studio in the Works

March 27, 2008 |


In response to the proposed $800,000 to build a new studio for the art department, senior art major Molly Sheldon asked, “Do you dig art?”

On March 13, the General Assembly approved $800,000 for the construction of … Read More

That's What She Said…

March 27, 2008 |


With graduation a little more than a month away, reflecting on my college experience has become a daily, eh, hourly activity.

Talks with friends no longer include mindless gossip or plans for the weekend; my future is … Read More

Living on the Cheap

March 27, 2008 |


After a successful first try last spring semester, students are once again rallying for the upcoming $2 a Day Challenge which will take place from April 11-18.  This year, those running the Challenge hope to do so … Read More

Jailhouse (Doesn't) Rock

March 27, 2008 |


It was mail call on a hot summer day at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, and one inmate was livid.

“I don’t know who the new bitch in the mail room is,” the inmate screamed, “but … Read More

Let's Talk Sex

March 27, 2008 |


It’s 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night, and Justin Choi and Tali Schiller are talking about foot fetishes.

Unlike countless other college students discussing sex topics in the comfort of their dorm rooms, seniors Choi and Schiller … Read More

Review Flogging Molly's "Float" a Return to Form

March 27, 2008 |


In their first album in close to four years, Flogging Molly delivers their most developed, sophisticated work yet. With a mix of charging percussion, some violin for grace and enough guitar to give it that Irish … Read More

A Talk With Naked Cowboy

March 27, 2008 |


What says “Welcome to New York!” like a near-nude pedestrian strumming an out of tune guitar in the center of Times Square? What reflects better on our society’s obsession with talentless pop culture than an ex-stripper/ex-model/ex-actor/ex-writer whose … Read More

Vagina Monologues Return to UMW

March 27, 2008 |


The opening monologue of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues immediately addresses the audience.

“I bet you’re worried. We were worried too. We were worried about vaginas.”

For the uninitiated UMW students waiting in Great Hall on March … Read More

Late-Night Picture Show

March 27, 2008 |


Back by popular demand, The Rocky Horror Picture Show returned to Mary Washington’s campus last Wednesday, March 19th for another evening of wild debauchery and gender-shattering attire.

The free performance was held in the Great Hall for … Read More

Lupe Fiasco Stuns Dodd Auditorium

March 27, 2008 |


A tense crowd in Dodd Auditorium chants “Lupe, Lupe, Lupe” as more than 1,000 Mary Washington students and a few guests awaited the appearance of Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco. At last, 20 minutes after the … Read More