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The Blue & Gray Press | January 21, 2019

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Zen garden being constructed at UMW

April 12, 2018 |


Senior Writer

Over the first weekend of April, Gardens Unlimited Bonsai Nursery, the design team working on UMW’s Zen garden, solved a major drainage issue to prevent rainwater from washing down into the amphitheater construction area. Read More

Excessive construction on campus may deter prospective students

November 9, 2017 |

Staff Writer

A central part of the University of Mary Washington’s identity as a college is its beautiful campus. Being located in a historic city and a relatively small town allows UMW to maintain its status as an aesthetically appealing campus.Read More

Amphitheater renovation unnecessary, removes historical character

April 6, 2016 |


Despite being such a little-visited part of campus, the amphitheater has recently come to the forefront of the minds of the student body. This is mostly due to the unfortunate accident that occurred to a female student.
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A new day for the amphitheater

February 26, 2014 |

Built in 1913, the amphitheater is an iconic landmark at the University of Mary Washington. Though casually frequented by students, the secluded area was not officially used by the University since the 1960s and has since fallen into disarray. Last Friday, the University announced a plan to the Board of Visitors (BOV) to restore the amphitheater to its former glory. Read More

Bookstore to give ornament proceeds to amphitheater

November 13, 2013 |

The University of Mary Washington’s 2013 Christmas ornament featuring the campus amphitheater is now on sale at the university bookstore. A portion of its proceeds going will go toward renovation of the amphitheater. Read More

Column Injures Two Marines

September 22, 2010 |

Photo: A fallen column in the amphitheatre.  Two men were injured Saturday night when they hung a hammock from a tree to one of the columns and the column fell.


Staff Writer

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Staff Editorial: Crumbling Amphitheater Must Be Carefully Restored

September 22, 2010 |

In five years, new students at UMW will have no idea that Monroe Hall once had murals on the second floor, Lee Hall had a ballroom or the Bell Tower wasn’t always there to wake you up in the afternoon … Read More