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The Blue & Gray Press | June 23, 2018

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ball circle

Sudden rises in temperatures have positive effects on students

March 1, 2018 |


Staff Writer 

As the end of February approaches, Fredericksburg has proceeded to get through all  four seasons within the month. Whether it be a frigid 30 degrees with freezing rain or sweltering 86 degrees and sunny, the February weather has been inconsistent.Read More

Community unites in the face of hate

September 21, 2017 |


News Editor 

Responding to the hateful and violent acts that have been taking place throughout the country, various UMW student leaders decided to hold an event that would give students a platform to unite under. On Tuesday, the one month anniversary of the Charlottesville incident, about 75 members of the Mary Washington and Fredericksburg community gathered in front of Lee Hall to participate in the UMW Speaks Out Against White Supremacy rally.Read More

Ball Circle’s name comes under scrutiny for possible sexual undertones

March 31, 2016 |


The University of Mary Washington announced in an email yesterday that it will be changing Ball Circle’s name due to growing concern that possible innuendos from the name are ruining UMW’s wholesome image.Read More

Return of post and chain fence at Ball Circle raises questions among students

January 28, 2016 |


Students this semester may have noticed something different about Ball Circle. A post-and- chain fence, which now wraps the outer edges of the lawn, was reinstalled by Facilities Services as a preventative measure to protect the lawn from damage the circle underwent last semester. Read More

Two local Virginia bands serenade Ball Circle at Rockobterfest

October 21, 2015 |


On the brisk afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 17, the Campus Programming Board collaborated with the Class Council to introduce two bands for this year’s Rocktoberfest. One of which, Virginia Man, an unconventional Indie Folk band, made their debut on Ball Circle.Read More

Community celebrates life of student

April 24, 2014 |

Students gathered on Ball Circle yesterday to celebrate the life and memory of Robert “Bob” Ericson, 22, who passed away last weekend. The memorial service exemplified the community of UMW, as numerous members came together to commemorate the life of a fellow student who inspired and touched so many here on campus. Read More

Students march against sexual abuse

April 24, 2014 |

To help raise awareness and offer support to survivors, the University of Mary Washington community observes National Sexual Assault Awareness Month each year in April. Take Back the Night is one of the largest events on campus, used to raise awareness and encourage people to speak out against sexual violence.Read More

Groundbreaking on Ball Circle initiates Campus Center construction

September 25, 2013 |

The University of Mary Washington held a ground breaking ceremony for the new Campus Center on Sept. 20 on Ball Circle, signifying the official beginning of construction on the building. A process that began in 2012, the building is expected to be completed in fall 2015.Read More

Giant Jenga and ‘Miniature Tigers’ at Rocktoberfest

October 10, 2012 |

A play on “Oktoberfest,” Giant Productions’ “Rocktoberfest” was a subdued, but welcome, end to what was most students’ first week of midterms. Friday, Oct. 5, provided perfect weather for an enjoyable afternoon filled with a sense of fleeting summer and laughter.Read More

Va. First Lady Anne Holton is Commencement Speaker

March 26, 2009 |


Virginia First Lady Anne Holton will be the speaker for Mary Washington’s 2009 commencement.

She will address this year’s graduating class in Ball Circle on Saturday, May 9, according to a message from the Office of the … Read More