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The Blue & Gray Press | April 24, 2018

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Brian Sweeney

Embiid and Curry eager to rejoin their teams as NBA playoffs begin

April 19, 2018 |


Staff Writer

During this year’s NBA playoffs, sixteen teams are currently in the first rounds of the playoffs. In the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76er’s took the lead during their first game of the opening round.Read More

Violent video games do not cause people to be violent in real life

April 12, 2018 |


Staff Writer

Video games are a great means to escape the real world and reality. Delving into a game’s world, visiting different worlds to explore, and following through stories in games that requires either saving the world from a meteor that’s capable of destroying life or taking down monsters to ensure the safety for people to live in harmony can be a fun getaway from real life.Read More

Students react to Double Drive holly tree maintenance trimming

March 21, 2018 |


Staff Writer

Before spring break, a campus-wide email notified the UMW community that the holly trees on Double Drive were going to be trimmed, a promise that came to fruition just one week later. While the email explained the necessity of pruning, many students still do not like the holly trees’ new look. Other students, however, have expressed their acceptance of the short term sacrifice of campus beauty for the long term health of the plants.Read More

New printing system implemented in HCC and Simpson Library

February 15, 2018 |


Staff Writer and News Editor

During the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, new printers have appeared inside both the Hurley Convergence Center and the Simpson Library.Read More