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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2018

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clery act

Campus Accountability and Safety Act reintroduced by Mark Warner and colleagues

April 20, 2017 |


Aiming to change the way rape and sexual assault cases are handled and reported on college campuses, Sen. Mark Warner and his colleagues have reintroduced the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. This act, an amendment to The Clery Act, is a bipartisan effort that will require campus officials to adhere to standard training and consistent reporting practices. Its goal is to empower survivors by making sure they have access to support services and are in control of their own care and the reporting process.

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Campus Alerts Keep Students Informed About Local Dangers

April 13, 2011 |


When Virginia Tech was fined $55,000 last month for failing to warn its campus quickly the morning of the shootings four years ago, it sent a strong signal that federal education officials are serious about crime alerts.

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