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The Blue & Gray Press | December 10, 2018

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Eagle Landing

Upperclassman deserve cheaper meal plan options

September 27, 2018 |


Staff Writer

Imagine you get into the college of your dreams, and you soon realize that your meal plan is only a few digits shy of being the same amount of your room and board. You are … Read More

Students voice concerns over elevator breakdowns

September 27, 2018 |

Staff Writer
On campus, six residence halls have elevators along with those in the Eagle Landing Apartments, and students have reported getting stuck in some of these on multiple occasions. Read More

Residence Life provides an update on the construction of Alvey and Arrington

September 27, 2018 |

Staff Writer
In late June 2018, and then later in mid July, every student who was registered to live in Alvey and Arrington got an email from Residence Life stating that they would be relocated for the Fall semester. Read More

Current residents discuss building pros and cons for selection

March 21, 2018 |


Staff Writer

Housing selection season is here and for those living on campus next year, it is a time of excitement, anticipation and decisions. Students are selecting roommates, whether they be old friends or strangers on Facebook, and also deciding between buildings themselves. Read More

Students experience issues with cable connection in residence halls

November 2, 2017 |


Senior Writer

The University of Mary Washington’s Student Senate recently passed a motion to work with University Services to troubleshoot and repair the cable in residential halls, however, the Student Government Association’s Executive Cabinet later denied the motion.The motion did not pass because it was based off of a few isolated incidents.Read More

Eagle Landing does its best to address Parking Deck Issues

October 12, 2017 |


Staff Writer

The Eagle Landing parking deck has recently been experiencing a variety of technical difficulties, leading to frustrated students.Read More

Eagle Landing Residents confused by new mailroom policies

September 21, 2017 |


Staff Writer

The news article titled, Eagle Landing Residents confused by new mailroom policies, publish on September 21st, must be corrected. False information was presented in the article. This mistake was made because of lack of information and knowledge about the article topic. I take full responsibility for the false statements written in the article, as there was no verified source.Read More

Living off-campus offers more freedom than living in a residence hall

September 20, 2017 |


Staff Writer

After serving my time in residence halls for the obligatory two-year period required for UMW students, I decided to rent a house with some friends. So far, I like it a lot better than I liked living in a dorm. While there are some benefits to living on campus, overall there are a lot more perks to living off-campus.Read More

Parking passes are a racket for Eagle Landing residents

September 13, 2017 |


Staff Writer

Upperclassmen have the opportunity to have their cars on campus, however, the parking situation may be more than they bargained for.Read More

Sudden end to security contract at Eagle Landing leaves front desk attendant postion vacant

April 26, 2017 |


Before April 1, The University of Mary Washington held a contract with Allied Barton Security Inc, an internal security force. UMW employed officers from this company to man the front desk at Eagle Landing after midnight and on weeknights.Read More

BOV standardizes freshmen room rates and loosens upperclassmen meal plan requirements

March 15, 2017 |


President Paino and the Board of Visitors have made a decision to standardize freshman room rates starting in the upcoming 2017-18 academic year. The room rate for all first-year residence halls will be $3,300 a semester.  In … Read More

Res Life marks a new standard for weekday and weekend campus-wide quiet hours

September 15, 2016 |


When beginning the school year at the University of Mary Washington, students living on campus can always expect one thing: residence hall meetings. These meeting are held to give the students opportunity to familiarize themselves with their Resident Assistants, neighbors and the rules of the hall. However, this year a big change was introduced at these meetings: the start of campus-wide quiet hours, a topic that used to be specific to each residence hall and decided on with voting.Read More

Eagle Landing residents grapple with malfunctioning laundry machines

September 7, 2016 |


Eagle Landing houses roughly 600 students from the University of Mary Washington and complaints have surfaced concerning the functionality of the washing machines. In addition, students noticed that their EagleOne cards are not being read by the laundry appliances.Read More

UMW students towed from unmarked parking

September 7, 2016 |


In the midst of upperclassmen move-in, vehicles were crammed into each free space in order to move in their belongings.Read More

Students raise concern of black mold in Eagle Landing

November 19, 2015 |


The “Black mold in Alvey creates concern for its residents, staff responds with investigation and advice” article in the Oct. 29 issue of The Blue & Gray Press received a lot of attention from students, parents and administration. This caused more residents to start coming forward about their own mold stories.Read More

Giant in Eagle Village to undergo renovations this fall

September 8, 2015 |


Construction in Fredericksburg, especially near the University of Mary Washington campus, is a big concern for some of the Eagle Landing residences, who lived through the building of both the Information Technology Convergence Center and the University Center.Read More

Eagle Landing apartments offers mixed-sex housing

February 12, 2014 |

The University of Mary Washington will offer the opportunity for students to live in a mixed-sex suite in the Eagle Landing apartments beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year.
Read More

Foul play suspected in Eagle Landing flood

February 13, 2013 |

Saturday, Feb. 2 at 9:43 p.m. University Police received a dispatch alerting them to a flood after campus security received an alarm call in Eagle Landing, resulting in residents relocating to the Anderson Center.Read More

Student Caught With Handgun Suspended

March 28, 2012 |

The student who was found in possession of a handgun last Monday night in Eagle Landing has been placed on interim suspension, pending the completion of campus judicial review, according to university officials.Read More

Campus Police Seize Handgun in Eagle Landing

March 21, 2012 |

On Monday night shortly after 10 p.m., University of Mary Washington police confiscated a handgun from a student on the third floor of Eagle Landing, after students who saw the weapon reported it to the campus police.Read More

Changes Made to Detector System Leads to Fewer False Alarms

September 22, 2011 |


During September and October of last year, Eagle Landing residents were forced to evacuate the building 18 times due to the highly sensitive smoke detector system. Since then the system has been adjusted, much to the … Read More

Police Beat 2/10/11

February 9, 2011 |

Feb. 4- UMW police responded to reports of grand larceny at the UMW tennis center occurring between midnight on Feb. 1 and midnight on Feb. 2. The investigation is pending.

Feb. 4- Police responded to a hit and run in … Read More

Fire Alarms Desensitized, Students Relieved

November 10, 2010 |


The number of days without fire alarms has reached double digits in Eagle Landing for the first time this semester, due to actions taken in decreasing the sensitivity of smoke detectors.

It has been over two … Read More

18 Fire Alarms Occur Over Two-Month Span

October 28, 2010 |


Residents of Eagle Landing have spent an unusual amount of time on their front lawn along U.S. Route 1 this semester, due to the sensitive fire alarms in their building.

Sophomore Jeremy Thompson has been keeping … Read More

At Eagle Village, Crackdown on Parking Begins

September 29, 2010 |


Cars parked in lots around Eagle Landing that aren’t designated for student parking will be towed beginning Oct. 1.

Cars with green decals will be confined to the third, fourth and fifth levels of the Eagle … Read More

Staff Editorial: Parking Fees Shortchange Eagle Landing Residents

September 29, 2010 |

Eagle Landing residents recently received an e-mail from the Offices of Public Safety/Parking Services and Residence Life informing them that as of Oct. 1, the University will begin enforcing its stringent parking restrictions in Eagle Village.

While the students have … Read More

9 Students Have Lice; More Seek Head Checks

September 22, 2010 |


Staff Writers

Since last Wednesday, 26 students have visited the Health Care Center in fear that they had head lice, but only nine of the cases were confirmed.

Thomas Riley, director of student health … Read More

Letter From the President

September 1, 2010 |

Dear Students,

Welcome back. It’s inspiring to see you make the campus come alive again after a relatively quiet summer. For those of you who are entering freshmen as the class of 2014, or who are transfers from other colleges, … Read More

New Eagle Landing Apartments Not Helpful to UMW Students Financially

February 10, 2010 |

The UMW community has been excited about Eagle Village for over a year. Students, professors and administrators have watched it go up piece by piece, and the excitement has become more and more tangible.

As UMW approaches the annual on-campus … Read More

Route 1 Bridge Connects Eagle Village to Campus

January 21, 2010 |


Early in the morning of Jan. 16,  workers began assembling the pedestrian bridge that will link the campus to the $100 million Eagle Village project. Route 1 between College Avenue and Alvey Drive was closed to traffic … Read More