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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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Dean Rucker recognized by Richmond Public Schools

March 21, 2019 |

Staff Writer
Now, Cedric Rucker, the associate vice president and dean of Student Life, is among those who have been recognized by Richmond Public Schools’ (RPS) Influential African-American and RPS Alumni list. Read More

Students react to missionaries on campus

March 20, 2019 |

Staff Writer
Mackenzie Hard, a senior and American studies major, was on her way to Madison Hall from Qdoba when she ran into a familiar group of religious missionaries.Read More

Facebook users should take responsibility for their own content

April 26, 2018 |


Staff Writer

In the past couple of weeks, Facebook has come under extreme scrutiny for allowing the unauthorized sale of user data to Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, targeting political ads at specific users during the 2016 election cycle. Most of these ads contained false information and were designed to spread deceitful lies about specific political candidates. CEO and creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has even had to go to Congress to explain the company’s mishandling of user information.Read More

Facebook cares more about corporate success than user privacy

April 19, 2018 |


Senior Writer

Founded in 2004, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. According to Statista, Facebook acquired 2.2 billions members by the of the fourth quarter of 2017, the members varying in nationality, age, and sexual orientation.Read More

Staff Ed: Internet users should be careful about what they post on social media

April 5, 2018 |


The recent Facebook hack left many Facebook users questioning the safety of their information. Read More

UMW Firearms club hosts 2A Day event

March 22, 2018 |


Staff Writer

The Firearms Club is holding an event called 2A day. This event, similar to previous events will be focused primarily on education. The seminar and series of talks will be held in the Digital Auditorium on March 30.Read More

Patriot Front group leaves sticker across UMW campus

February 28, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On the morning of February 18, stickers promoting a white nationalist organization were found at sites across campus. A schoolwide email was sent following the events by Anna Billingsley addressing the incident.Read More

How to keep a clean and professional social media presence

February 28, 2018 |


Staff Writer

Is your private life truly private? Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, most college students juggle multiple social media accounts. When you are fresh out of college and looking to leap into your career, it is important to have a squeaky clean social media presence, or as close to clean as possible. However, with several virtual personas to manage, maintaining track of your photographs, status updates and videos can become a challenge- and that unfavorable Friday night selfie can easily get lost in the chaos of your archived photos.Read More

Friends, following and social media

February 14, 2018 |


Staff Writer

In the age of social media and followers, students are often tempted to add their professors online through sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many University of Mary Washington professors and students sometimes question whether ot not to add each other.Read More

Confederate Flag in Mason Hall concerns students

February 8, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 25 around 8:30 p.m., a University of Mary Washington student posted a picture of a Confederate flag flying in Mason Hall. Following the event, junior Alex Sakes posted the picture of the Confederate flag in question flying in Mason hall at 8:30 p.m. on the “Overheard at Mary Wash” Facebook page. Read More

Possible firearms club sparks controversy at UMW

September 14, 2017 |


Senior Writer

The University of Mary Washington has over 150 different clubs and organizations, adding new ones each year. However this school year the university has seen interest from some students on campus, to create a … Read More

Students react to United controversy

April 20, 2017 |


On April 9, 2017, O’Hare International Airport police forcibly had removed passenger David Dao from United Flight 3411 after he refused to exit the airplane upon the demand of management. Dao screamed as officers pulled him out of his seat, and his face hit an armrest during the struggle.Read More

UMW students gain momentum for March for Science on Washington

February 16, 2017 |


Due to recent events involving environmental protection, scientists and students alike have been coming together to form a “March for Science” to raise awareness for issues such as climate change and scientific integrity. Inspired by the Women’s March, which took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration, the scientists’ march on Washington is meant to be a non-partisan march to make the scientific community heard. The University of Mary Washington’s own Biological Student Association plans on attending the march and hopes to encourage others to attend while also informing them of the issues.Read More

UMW students mourn the loss of Vine as Twitter experiences financial crunch

November 10, 2016 |


On Oct. 27 of 2016, Twitter announced that it would shut down Vine, a video sharing service they established in 2012. The company stated that its website will be available to view and download Vines, but users will not have the ability to post any vines “in the coming months.”

Read More

Freshman Facebook group draws petty arguments, defeats purpose

April 21, 2016 |


When I was accepted to the University of Mary Washington, I was very excited to meet new people and get to know my classmates, seeing as how I knew very few people from my high school that would also be attending.Read More

#UMWSocial offers a closer look at UMW social media sites

October 27, 2015 |


Social media is a vital part of millennials’ lives and their college experience. Understanding Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can make communication all the easier, and could be a useful tool in the workplace after graduation. As social media affects students, faculty and administration, one group is looking to bring all three together and use social media to thrust UMW into the cyber world.Read More

Facebook group creates Craigslist for student body

February 13, 2013 |

The Facebook group “Give it, Lend it, Sell it @ UMW,” created by senior biology major Marco Montero in February of 2012, is a forum with 972 University of Mary Washington members currently.Read More

Compliments page enlivens social media

February 7, 2013 |

Two University of Mary Washington students recently created a Facebook page called UMW Compliments, on which students can anonymously post compliments about other students.Read More

Facebook Page Unites 2016 Freshman Class

March 14, 2012 |

The University of Mary Washington has created an official Facebook page for the incoming class of 2016 in an effort to better inform students regarding questions and confusions that arise. This is the first time the university has directly sponsored … Read More

Do You Know How Soon is Too Soon

February 29, 2012 |

By AMANDA McCullough

It’s a question we ask ourselves constantly. Should I friend them? Will they even remember who I am? Do I even want to be friends with them? We met at a party, does that even count? It’s … Read More

Social Media Unites And Reforms

February 8, 2012 |


Massive revolts in Tunisia began the Arab Spring, which is a series of pro-democracy protests throughout the Middle East. These insurgencies led to the fall of dictators, monarchs, and in some areas, widespread violence. As social movements … Read More

Facebook Invading too Many Aspects of our Lives

November 16, 2011 |

Not a week goes by that I don’t hear the phrase, “Facebook is taking over the world.”

If this is true, I’m not really sure what kind of world we’re living in anymore.

Monday night, I logged onto my Facebook … Read More

Sexclamations: Keep Digital PDA Off of Internet

March 23, 2011 |

Have you ever been slightly uncomfortable when the couple just a table over from you starts getting up in each other’s business while you are trying to eat your lunch? You are not alone. Over eager Public Displays of Affection, … Read More

Thought You Knew: Keep Pregnancy Accidents Private

February 16, 2011 |

I like kids as much as the next person (as long as the next person doesn’t like kids too much).

What I’m saying is, I like kids as much as the next person who isn’t a pedophile.

I used to … Read More

Facebook poses potential threat to future employment

December 1, 2010 |


As students begin job-hunting in a competitive era of high unemployment and more college graduates, they try to present themselves in the best light possible—high grade point averages, involvement in extracurricular activities and volunteer … Read More

Facebook Wastes Limited Time

September 29, 2010 |

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend, or should I say waste, using the computer? If you’re anything like me, the answer is entirely too much. If I spent half as much time being productive … Read More

‘Peeping”: An outlet for the lonely

April 8, 2010 |

By Jessica Shearwood

Lurkers, stalkers and posters fill tiny towns and busy streets, according to Hal Niedzviekcki, who gave a keynote presentation on the subject at UMW on March 31. Neidzviekcki is the author of Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning … Read More

According to Amanda…Sometimes Facebook Friends Linger Too Long

March 24, 2010 |

“Amanda, Please stop deleting your wall.  If not for yourself, then for me.  It’s creepy.”

This was a Facebook message from a concerned friend.  The same friend who called me a renegade social networker.

The truth is, I am a … Read More

Single, White Unemployed Female: Facebook is Great, But Friendships Need Effort

March 10, 2010 |

Ten years from now, the class of 2010 will reunite in Fredericksburg to reminisce about the good times in college. As early as a year from now, some of us will be going to a five-year high school reunion. The … Read More

Classes embrace the virtual: follow the blog

November 18, 2009 |

By Megan Eichenberg

For students in assistant professor of Spanish Shara Voisard’s Grammar and Conversation course, logging on to Facebook involves more than updating statuses and posting on walls.

Since Sept. 18, Voisard and the students enrolled in her SPAN … Read More