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The Blue & Gray Press | February 22, 2019

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honor code

UMW Honor Council sees uptick in reported violations

December 6, 2018 |

Staff Writer
Honor Code violations have been on the rise in recent years, according to new data from the Honor Council. Read More

Honor Code must be taken seriously

March 2, 2017 |


In less than two minutes, I can get inside of any residence hall on campus. I’m not an RA. I’m not on the security team. I’m not even a resident. I’m a commuter student. As a commuter student, my EagleOne does basically nothing for me. It can’t unlock any doors on campus. Thankfully I don’t even need it. I don’t get in with my card, or by breaking a window, or tunneling underground. All I have to do to get inside is stand by the door and wait for some passerby to let me in.

Read More

Honor Council to rewrite Honor Code, change policies on smaller offenses

March 31, 2016 |


The Honor Council, the body that enforces the Honor Code at the University of Mary Washington, is in the process of rewriting the school’s honor practices. Currently, all alleged honor violations are treated in the same way, regardless of the severity. The council wants to develop a tiered structure, in which smaller infractions will be dealt with differently.Read More

Honor code essay cut from application process

September 10, 2014 |


Each student admitted to the University of Mary Washington since the mid-90’s has had to ponder the importance of the honor code while applying to the school – until the class of 2018.Read More

Staff Editorial: Increased thefts question honor

February 20, 2013 |

Since the start of the spring semester, the Bullet’s weekly Police Beat column, which compiles information from Campus Police, has reported 28 incidents of theft.Read More

Honor Charges Spike at Finals

December 1, 2010 |


The end of the semester is approaching, a time when honor code violations tend to spike.

Last fall, 21 cases of honor-code violation were reported to the UMW Honor Council, with 12 of the cases from fall … Read More

Web Site Angers Faculty

October 7, 2009 |


Since began posting UMW class material, the popularity of ‘social learning networks’ online has been raising Honor Code concerns with UMW professors.

Social learning networks are online communities of students, educators and subject enthusiasts who are able … Read More