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The Blue & Gray Press | February 24, 2019

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Mark Herring

UMW community discusses recent Governor Northam scandal

February 7, 2019 |

Senior Writer
This week, UMW students and faculty have been reflecting on a photograph from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook.Read More

The Virginia State House of Delegates election results

November 16, 2017 |


Senior Writer

The Virginia State House of Delegates election occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The Republican candidates won districts 28 and 88 while the Democratic candidates won the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General races.Read More

Staff Ed: Exercise your right to vote this election day

November 2, 2017 |


Election Day is right around the corner; the Virginia State Governor’s race will be held on Tuesday Oct. 7. In addition to casting a vote for governor, citizens will also get to vote for candidates running for lieutenant governor, attorney general and their delegate to the VA General Assembly.Read More

Local Politics: Herring announces support to lift same-sex marriage ban

February 5, 2014 |

Newly inaugurated Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, asked a federal court to reconsider the ban of same-sex marriage in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He argued that the ban was “unconstitutional and oppressive,” according to the New York Times. Read More

Mark Herring wins Va. attorney general race, recount to be announced

December 4, 2013 |

Mark Herring won the Virginia’s attorney general race, according to the State Board of Elections. Mark D. Obenshain, the Republican candidate, lost the election by 165 votes, according to the Washington Post.Read More