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The Blue & Gray Press | October 17, 2018

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Increased stress in millennials from social media and technology

December 7, 2017 |


Staff Writer

With classes wrapping up and finals approaching fast it could be beneficial to ponder for a few moments what is really stressing students, besides the impending doom of finals week. The way we tend to view finals week is as a game of dominoes – it goes downhill from here if we fail an exam, if a presentation doesn’t go well or if a paper turns out to be mediocre. The constant state of panic comes from a combination of our parents,  peers and even our own expectations, but also from what we see on the internet, especially on social media.Read More

Hollywood’s glamorization of parenthood isn’t fooling millenials

March 22, 2017 |


Millennials are constantly being blamed and labeled these days. It’s becoming impossible to surf through a news website without finding an article about what this generation is ruining, from the napkin industry (Business Insider) to the Olympics (Steve Burke, NBC Universal CEO). Some of what the media has to say about millennials is in fact true, but these blanket statements never are and cannot be applied universally. I was thinking about these labels last Valentine’s Day while I was watching the “Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” on Netflix. I suddenly realized that the holiday special had a hidden message for current 18 to 25-year-olds.Read More

Questions arise within InterVarsity chapters around same-sex-marriage

November 16, 2016 |


There is a wind of change that is blowing through our country and through the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as well. As Americans strive to make sense of a changing political term, questions of race, gender and religion have come to the surface.Read More

Editorial: Student activism makes significant waves

February 19, 2015 |

Last week, the University of Mary Washington campus played host to Virginia Power Shift, in which students from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia came together in solidarity to raise awareness for various social, educational and environmental causes.

The weekend included more than 30 workshops that informed and motivated students to take action and dismantle systemic inequalities.Read More