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The Blue & Gray Press | May 22, 2018

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Monroe Hall

Parking changes continue due to construction

April 5, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On Tuesday March 27 UMW Parking Management began to prepare for the renovation of Willard Hall by closing the faculty and staff parking lot behind Monroe Hall. The UMW faculty were notified of its closure sometime around March 13.Read More

Limited building hours cause frustration to students

April 5, 2017 |


Late study nights are a hallmark of the average college student’s lifestyle. At the University of Mary Washington, there are many resources available for students whose studies flourish after dusk. The Hurley Convergence Center for example, is open 24 hours a day and the Simpson Library operates into the evening most days. In spite of the abundance of online resources available at both of these facilities, there are some programs that are specific to academic buildings. In Trinkle Hall, for instance, there are computer science programs, like RStudio, and in Combs Hall there are language audio files.Read More

Professor disputes whether murals in Monroe and George Washington Halls reflect UMW values

February 2, 2017 |


In the 1940s, professor Emil Schnellock and his students partook in an art project in which they painted a variety of murals in the academic halls of Monroe and George Washington. These murals are still on the walls of the buildings today. In an effort to preserve the historic murals, Monroe Hall underwent renovation in 2011 and the murals were left untouched, covered with plywood and were documented for safekeeping. However, the presence of these murals has created mixed feelings among professors and students. Read More

A closer look at disability accessibility for UMW campus

September 22, 2015 |


University of Mary Washington students have many different takes on the University Center, from the new dining options to the studying corners. However, something that most students might not think about is the new accessibility options that it provides. Before the University Center opened, most dining services were provided in Seacobeck Hall.Read More

Ceremony Celebrates History of Monroe Hall

September 22, 2011 |

After two years of renovations, Monroe Hall is once again open to students, faculty and staff. To commemorate the event, a rededication ceremony was held on Sept. 16, during which a variety of notable guest speakers paid tribute to the building’s history while outlining its path for the future.Read More

New Semester Brings Changes

September 8, 2011 |


A number of changes to buildings on campus greeted students and faculty returning to the University of Mary Washington this semester.

These changes include the opening of the Anderson Center, the reopening of Monroe Hall and alterations … Read More

Monroe Ready for Upgrade

September 16, 2009 |


Preparations are being made to undergo an extensive two-year renovation project on Monroe Hall, one of the three original buildings on the Mary Washington campus.

“The building is going under major renovation, a complete reallocation of space,”  … Read More

Friday Night Dry Attracts a Record Crowd: Face Paint and Food Redeem Annual Booze-Free Event

October 23, 2008 |


“I love Friday Night Dry!” howled a guy beneath my third story dorm room window.  I had just come up to my room searching for my camera so I could take pictures of Friday evening’s social event.

Read More