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The Blue & Gray Press | June 20, 2018

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natalie johns

UMW Firearms club hosts 2A Day event

March 22, 2018 |


Staff Writer

The Firearms Club is holding an event called 2A day. This event, similar to previous events will be focused primarily on education. The seminar and series of talks will be held in the Digital Auditorium on March 30.Read More

The rules of the spirit rock

March 1, 2018 |


Viewpoints Editor

When Natalie Johns, president of the UMW Firearms Club, painted the spirit rock with some other members on Feb. 14, she had no idea that the message she painted would cause such an uproar among students.Read More

Students reacted inappropriately to rock controversy

March 1, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On February 14th, 2018, the UMW Firearms club decorated the spirit rock in order to promote their “Conceal Carry and Personal Safety Course.” Read More

Political clubs have a right to freedom of speech

February 22, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On Thursday, February 15, the UMW Firearms club painted the spirit rock on campus to advertise their concealed carry and personal safety classes.  Later that day, their message was spray painted over and covered with a message about school shootings in response to the one that had just occurred in Florida that same day.  It is unknown who painted over the rock.  This has sparked a massive debate on campus about not only firearms, but free speech as a whole.Read More

Letter to the Editor: Open-minded adminstration allows students to join political clubs

December 7, 2017 |


Contributing Writer

The University of Mary Washington has a long-standing tradition of fostering open-mindedness amongst its student body, and maintaining the same outlook, when it comes to administration. Over the summer, UMW student Natalie Johns felt inclined to gather students who shared her interest in firearms and firearm safety by creating a club of the same focus. I interviewed Natalie about the developments of the club since its embryonic stage in August.Read More