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The Blue & Gray Press | June 20, 2018

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Patriot Front group leaves sticker across UMW campus

February 28, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On the morning of February 18, stickers promoting a white nationalist organization were found at sites across campus. A schoolwide email was sent following the events by Anna Billingsley addressing the incident.Read More

Confederate Flag in Mason Hall concerns students

February 8, 2018 |


Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 25 around 8:30 p.m., a University of Mary Washington student posted a picture of a Confederate flag flying in Mason Hall. Following the event, junior Alex Sakes posted the picture of the Confederate flag in question flying in Mason hall at 8:30 p.m. on the “Overheard at Mary Wash” Facebook page. Read More

Staff Ed: Blue & Gray Press Staff denounces racism and displays of racist imagery

February 1, 2018 |


One year ago, a swastika note was found on campus. This note shook the University of Mary Washington campus and the surrounding Fredericksburg community. As a community, we are known for our inclusivity and accepting atmosphere amongst the students, faculty and staff. Hearing about the note was appalling and frightening. Now we are at another reckoning.Read More

Swastika found in Jefferson Hall elevator reflects a nationwide trend

September 14, 2017 |



Scrawled on walls, marked in snow, taped to a ceiling, swastikas are appearing on college campuses across the nation.Read More

Op Ed: Home is Where the Hate Is

March 15, 2017 |


I went home for spring break last week and explored my old haunts. I live in Alexandria, Virginia, and so a frequent stop is Misha’s our local coffeehouse. Misha’s specializes in its jazzy laidback atmosphere which I can attest is superb. Yet every time I visited, I was nervous. I’d fix my gaze out the large window facing South Patrick Street towards a second story apartment on the corner.Read More

UMW students react to the plans of President-elect, Donald Trump

November 16, 2016 |


The unprecedented election of Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has upset many Americans, including a large number of UMW students. But while every election causes some disappointment in voters, this one has been particularly controversial and divisive.

Read More

Macklemore chimes in on white privilege discussion in latest hit single, calls out Miley Cyrus

February 4, 2016 |


“We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?” Musicians Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are speaking out about the very current reality of white privilege and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in their newly released single “White Privilege II.”Read More

Area high school faces media backlash in wake of Instagram photo

November 12, 2015 |


Social media is a venue in which discussion on important issues regarding language and race can flourish and spread rapidly. In the case of two high school students who live near the University of Mary Washington, this is most definitely true. There are no exceptions, however, in what information is spread. For the two high school students this was in the form of a controversial message on the back of their t- shirts, which they shared on Instagram.Read More

Reflection on Obama’s presidency reveals ongoing racism

November 5, 2015 |


A quick Google search of “Obama + Racism” readily reveals the rampant racism directed toward the President and his family. The images section is filled with photos depicting Obama as a monkey titled Commander in Chimp, his face on the front of a food stamp, all meant to target stereotypical ideas of Democrats and African Americans alike. Obviously, one must not look too far to see how deeply rooted racism is in our modern America.Read More

Alum, author Kristen Green addresses racism during book talk

October 1, 2015 |


Kristen Green, author of newly released “Something Must be Done about Prince Edward County” and University of Mary Washington graduate of the class of ’95, spoke about the extent people will go to maintain prejudice during a talk given in the Hurley Center’s Digital Auditorium last MondayRead More

Confederate flag preserves ongoing racism in America

September 24, 2015 |


“It is southern patriotism, and I am just supporting my state’s history,” a phrase you have probably heard far too many times by southerners sporting the Confederate flag, has and never will be viable.Read More

Threats of racism need to be addressed nationally, on campus

March 18, 2015 |


March 7, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of a major moment in the civil rights movement. The march on behalf of voting rights from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama was celebrated across the nation. Read More

The Academy Awards prove to be an exclusive, and discriminatory, club

February 25, 2015 |


Historically, Hollywood has been regarded as a pioneer for bringing awareness to social movements and issues going on within the world and specifically the U.S.Read More

Redskins name controversy rages on

October 22, 2014 |


“This is their year.” Four words heard muttered prior to the start of every season for the Washington Redskins. Currently standing at 2-5, it seems as though it may be another year where things just do not go right for the Skins.Read More

Hubbard Stirs Up Debate: Pro-slavery statements shoulud be prevalent topic

October 24, 2012 |

By the 1860 census, around four million people were held as slaves in the U.S. These four million people, for the most part, had been sold into slavery. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade had been outlawed since the early 19th Century, meaning that, except for the elderly who had been born before the law, slaves were born on plantations and sold.Read More

Immigration Debate Hinders Equality

February 15, 2012 |

The push for equality in America has experienced profound victories in the past 50 years. From deconstructing Jim Crow to the recent appeals on Proposition 8 in California, the past half-century has proved to be one of progress in the struggle for equality. Why then, is this progress hindered by the arrogance surrounding the immigration debate?Read More

Silicon Valley Lacks Diversity

November 16, 2011 |


At a time when technological aptitude is so highly valued, it is important to critically examine minority, and specifically black, representation in these lucrative careers. Wayne Sutton, co-founder of NewMe Accelerator, an incubator program formed to help … Read More

Racism Rears Its Ugly Head

October 13, 2011 |


If you thought that overt racism was a concept from the past, then recent events at Michigan State University would prove you wrong. Detroit News reported that not only were several racial slurs written on minority students’ … Read More

Seeing Red

October 4, 2007 |


Outraged University of Mary Washington junior Channon Fulton launched a week-long protest on Monday at the university’s fountain and in her classes to spread racism awareness, painting her visible skin from head to toe in red body paint … Read More