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The Blue & Gray Press | November 19, 2017

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Seacobeck dining hall

Seniors reflect on brunch at old Seacobeck dining hall

November 9, 2017 |


Staff Writer

Ever since the University Center became the new Seacobeck in the fall of 2015, few and current students have experienced meals at both locations. Only seniors have been here long enough to remember the quaint dining experience of Seacobeck Hall, and a large portion of them dropped their meal plan after moving off campus or are transfers who also never stepped foot inside the old building. Students who have experienced both, however, have fond memories of Seacobeck, in particular, brunch nostalgia.Read More

Seacobeck nostalgia drives students to take souvenirs causing spike in campus stats of crime reports

April 25, 2017 |


It’s a widely known secret among the students. Sometimes the doors to Seacobeck Hall are left open, other times they are not, and it just takes a jiggle of the doorknob to find out. If the door … Read More

Fate of Seacobeck Hall in sight

February 11, 2016 |


Seacobeck Hall served its last meals over the summer of 2015. The Office of Student Activities and Engagement have since been moved out of the basement and the Copy Center is expected to follow. It is not known how the building will be used now. There are rumors that Seacobeck Hall is going to be renovated, but for what, no one seems to know.Read More

Death by chocolate

February 26, 2009 |


Last Sunday a host of UMW students, faculty and Fredericksburg community members gathered in the Dome Room of Seacobeck Dining Hall to attend a three-hour Chocolate Creations Seminar led by executive Chef Fred German.

The room, smelling … Read More

Seaco Wastes a Whale

February 21, 2008 |


The Ecology Club teamed up with the Dining Committee and Sodexo administrators Feb. 20 to put an environmental spin on the third annual waste survey of Seacobeck dining facilities.

It was the first of three planned waste … Read More